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Revised October 2020

The van is a 2009 white GMC Savanna 12 passenger van. It is registered to UAB as a state vehicle and is therefore insured for liability through the master UAB policy as long as the requirements of the UAB Vehicle Safety Management Program (VSMP) are met. A copy of the VSMP will be kept in the vehicle for reference.

The van is available for use by any program or department in the College of Arts and Sciences on a first come, first served basis according to the procedures set out below. It is available for use in College-related business that clearly requires a vehicle of this size.

There is no full-time staff member whose primary responsibility is care of the van, so users must be conscientious in taking care of it and reporting problems.

Only users who are familiar with operating an extended length van should be drivers!


Reservations must be made through the Dean’s Office. For recurring activities, a series of reservations can be made at one time; however, a certain balance of availability must be maintained, and no program or department will be scheduled for regular use which denies reasonable availability to other programs. Normally, reservations will be confirmed no earlier than the immediate previous term. For each use, a specific faculty or staff member must be designated as the responsible party. A student may not be so designated.

Pick Up

Keys can be picked up in the Dean’s Office on the afternoon before or the morning of use, as appropriate. This will include keys to the van and the gasoline key. A Van User Agreement form will accompany the keys and must be returned with the keys upon completion of use. The Van User Agreement will ask the driver to certify he/she has read the Vehicle Safety Management Program Manual and has a valid UAB driving course certification.

The Vehicle Safety Management Program Manual can be accessed in the UAB Policies and Procedures Library.

The CAS guidelines are only supplementary to the VSMP, which is the ultimate authority when operating vehicles for or owned by the University.

Users can expect to receive the van in clean condition and with a full tank of gas.

The van is kept on the ground floor in the University Boulevard Office Building (UBOB) parking deck.


Upon completion of use, the van should be taken to Automotive Services, 610 Eighth Street South to fill the gas tank.  The van is associated with the Dean’s Office account, which will be billed for the gas.  The Dean’s Office will then bill the user’s account for those charges.

The van should then be parked on the first floor of the UBOB parking deck and the keys and the Van Usage Agreement returned to the Dean’s Office. The van must be clean inside and out upon return. The van will be checked after each use and if found to be dirty, the cost of cleaning will also be charged to the user’s department.

Report any problems or damage at the time of the return.


There is no rental charge for the use of the van. With the exception of gas put in the van at UAB Automotive Services, all gasoline bought during use must be paid for by the user who will be reimbursed by his/her department using normal reimbursement procedures.

State vehicles needing assistance with a flat tire, dead battery, or other issues during business hours should call UAB Automotive Services. After-hours on weekdays, call MARS at 205-975-6277 for help. After 10:30 p.m. on weekdays or anytime on weekends, call Weil Wrecker at 205-251-4060. Charges for Weil Wrecker's service can be billed to your department. Emergency road services paid by an employee will be reimbursed by the Dean’s Office upon submission of the receipt.

Damage to the van during use that is not covered by insurance must be paid by the program or department.

Violations of the law and any resulting citations are the entire responsibility of the responsible faculty or staff member. Fines cannot be reimbursed. The fact that the vehicle is state-owned does not exempt it or its occupants from any law or from any UAB parking policy.

Specialized equipment or accessories desired by a particular user must be approved by the Dean’s Office and must be paid by the user.


Any using department/program which violates these guidelines or any part of the UAB Vehicle Safety Management Program or otherwise demonstrates irresponsibility with regard to van use may be denied further access to the vehicle.

These guidelines are subject to modification as experience dictates. Recommendations are welcome.

Van Usage Agreement