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Assistant Professor of Japanese This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
University Hall 3117
(205) 934-0910

Research and Teaching Interests: Applied linguistics, Pragmatics, Discourse/conversation analysis, Second language acquisition, Foreign language pedagogy, Teacher education

Office Hours: By appointment


  • MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Applied Linguistics
  • PhD, Purdue University, Applied Linguistics

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Yumi Takamiya has extensive university-level teaching experience in Japan and the US. She enjoys weaving new media into the language classroom. She is currently examining how second language learners of Japanese facilitate cross-cultural interaction and enhance identity (re)construction through blogging and video conferencing tele-collaboration. Using a conversation analytic approach, she also investigates how learners of Japanese develop pragmatic and intercultural competence.

She is eager to help our students of Japanese be engaged and become media literate, able to communicate effectively in Japanese, culturally competent, and prepared for the challenges of our interconnected world.

  • Recent Courses
    • JPA 101: Introductory Japanese I
    • JPA 102: Introductory Japanese II
    • JPA 201: Intermediate Japanese I
    • JPA 202: Intermediate Japanese II
    • JPA 203: Intermediate Japanese Language & Culture I
    • JPA 204: Intermediate Japanese Language & Culture II
    • JPA 210: Discourse and Culture in Japanese
    • JPA 211 Contemporary Issues in Japanese Society
    • JPA 301: Advanced Japanese I
    • JPA 302: Advanced Japanese II
    • JPA 303: Japanese Pragmatics I
    • JPA 305: Japanese Children Stories
    • JPA 401: Advanced Japanese III
    • JPA 402: Advanced Japanese IV
    • JPA 403: Japanese Pragmatics II
    • JPA 405: Japanese Literature
    • FLL 120: Foreign Cultures
    • FLL 121: Special Topics through World Cultures
  • Select Publications

    Japanese Language Textbook

    • Endo, O., Abe, H., Kobayashi, M., Saegusa, Y., Takahashi, M., Takamiya, Y., Nakajima, E., Honda, A., & Yabe, H. (2020). Sono manma no nihongo [Learning Japanese Through Everyday Conversation]. Tokyo: Hituzi Syobo.

    Peer-Reviewed Edited Volume

    • Takamiya, Y., & Saegusa, Y. (2012). From Japan to the world: Life history of Japanese language teachers. Tokyo: Bunkyo University Press.

    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

    • Poehner, M., Infante, P., & Takamiya, Y. (2018). Mediational processes in support of learner L2 writing development: Individual, peer, and group contexts. In M. Poehner & D. Tzuriel (Eds.), Special issue on Dynamic assessment of first and second language and literacy development. Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology 17(1), 112-132.
    • Takamiya, Y. (2018). Home no motsu hiteiteki na kinou: Kaiwa no naka de daisansha o hihan suru sai ni tsukawareru home kotoba ni tsuite [Negative meanings of compliments in Japanese: Compliments used in conversation when criticizing a third person]. Kotoba, 39, 70-86.
    • Takamiya, Y. (2017). Futsuutai o kicho to shita sizen danwa ni arawareru teineitai ni tsuite: Fuman o hyomei suru sai no appushifuto ni chakumoku shite [Upshift from plain form to polite form during complaint talk]. Kotoba, 38, 63-82.
    • Takamiya. Y. (2017). Futsuutai o kicho to shita sizen danwa ni arawareru teineitai ni tsuite: Nihongo bogo washa – Hi bogo washa ga fuman o hyomei suru sai no supiichi sutairu shifuto ni chakumoku shite [Polite style in plain-dominant conversation: Speech style shift in complaint talk by native speakers and non-native speakers of Japanese]. Kotoba, 38, 9-10.

    Peer-Reviewed Contributions to Edited Volumes

    • Takamiya, Y., & Niendorf, M. (2019). Identity (re)construction and improvement in intercultural competence through synchronous and asynchronous telecollaboration: Connecting learners of Japanese in the USA and Sweden. In E. Zimmerman & A. McMeekin (Eds.), Technology-supported learning in and out of the Japanese language classroom: Theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical developments (pp. 111-145). Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
    • Takamiya, Y. (2018). Komunikeeshon no gokui: Home to home e no kotaekata [Essential communication skills in Japanese: Compliment and compliment response]. In O. Endo (Ed.), Imadoki no nihongo: Kawaru kotoba kawaranai kotoba [The Japanese language today: Change and stability] (pp. 137-156). Tokyo: Hituzi Shobo.
    • Takamiya, Y. (2016). Futsuutai o kichoo to shita kaiwa ni arawareru teineitai: Warai ga okoru bamen ni chakumoku shite [Polite speech vs. plain speech: Speech style shift in humorous conversation]. In O. Endo (Ed.), Danwa shiryoo-nichijyo seikatsu no kotoba [Japanese daily interaction: Transcripts and analysis] (pp. 239-254). Tokyo: Hituzi Syobo.
  • Academic Distinctions and Professional Societies
    • Modern Japanese Language Association (Gendai Nihongo Kenkyukai)
    • American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ)

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