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The Applied Professional Spanish concentration of the World Languages and Literatures major is an advanced option available to students wanting a career that requires Spanish proficiency.

Students with an Applied Professional Spanish concentration will achieve a higher level of language proficiency focused on the professions — business, advertising, medical, legal, technology, journalism) and intercultural competence — than those in the traditional Spanish concentration, which focuses on culture, literature, and linguistics.

Internships and Education Abroad

Unlike students in the traditional tracks, Applied Professional Spanish students will find their education abroad and internships to be more focused on the use of Spanish in the workplace and community, rather than on cultural exposure and experience. Applied Professional Spanish students will be required to use the language in real-world settings both in the U.S. and abroad to increase their proficiency and confidence.


To major in World Languages and Literatures with a concentration in Applied Professional Spanish you will need to take 39 credit hours of course-work, including:

  • WLL 120: Foreign Cultures
  • WLL 121: Songs of Social Change through World Cultures or an introductory course to one of the other languages offered by the department
  • WLL 485: Senior Capstone Project

You will also take 12 hours of 200-level classes, 9 hours of 300-level classes, and 9 hours of 400-level classes.

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