Apply to the SSPC Program

Admission to the SSPC program starts with an application to the UAB Department of World Languages and Literatures — this applies to currently enrolled UAB students and nontraditional students. If you are a non-traditional or non-degree seeing student, you must be accepted as a UAB Temporary student prior to applying for the SSPC program.

After you have received formal acceptance to the SSPC program, you must register for the SSP Certificate through UAB Undergraduate Admissions [visit their contact information page or call (800) 421-8743 or (205) 934-8221]. Traditional UAB students will maintain their status as regular students and non-traditional students will register as temporary or non-degree students. Since students can take up to 12 credit hours as non-degree seeking students, overrides may be granted by the SSP Certificate director to ensure that SSP candidates can fulfill the 18 credit-hour requirement.

Accepted students will receive an official acceptance letter.

Please note that non-native speakers of English will be required the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination or equivalent to enter the program.