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The World Languages Honors Program is designed for qualified, self-motivated world languages majors. Honors students are assigned a faculty mentor who will advise you as you complete and defend your honors thesis to an Honors Committee. Through the program you will become prepared for in-depth world language research and related graduate or professional opportunities.


Acceptance into the program requires the student to:

  • be a World Languages major,
  • have at least sophomore standing,
  • have at least 6 hours of 300-level UAB world languages courses,
  • have at least a 3.25 GPA in UAB world languages courses,
  • have at least an overall 3.0 GPA, and
  • have submitted a formal application for the World Languages Honors Program to the department chair or have been recommended to the program by a member of the department.


We expect a lot from our honors students, but in return you will gain valuable skills and experience. Program requirements include:

  • completion of required courses for the World Language major,
  • submission of a formal project proposal to your faculty mentor and the department chair,
  • agreement and acceptance of the proposal by your mentor and the chair,
  • creation of an Honors Committee (members include your faculty mentor and two faculty consultants),
  • registration for 3 credit hours of WLL 410: Undergraduate World Language Research,
  • public defense of the research project,
  • acceptance of the completed project by your Honors Committee, and
  • submission of an archival copy of the completed project signed by the Honors Committee to the department.



For more information and/or admission to the World Languages Honors Program, please contact the department chair.

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