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Undergraduate Neuroscience Program College of Arts and Sciences | Heersink School of Medicine

""Neuroscience research is conducted by more than 80 faculty members across the UAB campus, including faculty in the departments of:

  • neurobiology,
  • psychology,
  • physiology and biophysics,
  • biochemistry,
  • cell biology,
  • vision sciences,
  • pathology,
  • neurology, and
  • psychiatry and behavioral neurobiology.

Many neuroscientists at UAB are eager to mentor bright and highly motivated undergraduate students doing research in their laboratories. You can find out more about the faculty who are interested in mentoring undergraduate students in our Faculty Mentors directory.

Teaching faculty are the instructors you see each day in your neuroscience classes. Some of them are also faculty mentors. You can find out more about who will be teaching your classes in our Teaching Faculty directory.