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What Do Philosophy Alumni Do?

A UAB graduation gown on a hanger with students in the background.Because the study of philosophy helps students reason and write clearly about challenging ideas, our alumni work in a variety of jobs and professions, some of which defy common stereotypes. The Department of Philosophy is very proud of our alumni, some of whom have been White House interns, won Marshall Scholarships, or have been CEOs and nonprofit directors.

  • Our alumni have attended prestigious graduate schools such as Harvard Medical School and PhD and masters' programs in philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines.
  • Over the last four decades, several of our alumni became philosophy professors at schools ranging from the Air Force Academy to Nova University in Florida.
  • Dozens of our alumni graduated from law school and became successful lawyers.
  • Dozens of pre-med students who majored in philosophy now practice medicine across America.

UAB Philosophy Alumni Also Work in:

  • Information technology
  • Journalism
  • Video production
  • Hospital administration and grant writing
  • Radio and satellite radio
  • Medical research
  • Real estate
  • Libraries
  • Police departments
  • Banks

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