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Philosophy students having a classroom discussion.If you have yet to declare a first major, consider choosing philosophy. The Department of Philosophy at UAB offers a wide range of philosophy courses for you to explore and you will find many areas of philosophy that will pique your interest. Taking philosophy classes can help you become better at critical thinking and at expressing yourself in writing. You will find interesting and deep questions to ponder in each philosophy class. You will find interesting and deep questions to ponder in each philosophy class. When you have completed at least 10 such courses, you will have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and you will have spent your time well as a student at UAB in discussing many fascinating questions and topics with your professors and other students in your classes.

If you discover that you have particular interest in questions such as "How should we live our lives?" or "Is right or wrong the same for everyone?" consider the Ethics Track in the Philosophy Major. You will still get all the benefits of being a philosophy major and you will be able to do so by taking more classes in ethics.

The professors are so knowledgeable and encouraging. Also the Ethics Bowl team is great!

– Mohammad Waqas ’21

The philosophy program also offers you opportunities to work under the mentorship of professors who will provide you with personal attention when you do individually directed studies for credit. And by taking two (2) additional courses above the required 10 for the major—including writing an honors thesis with a faculty supervisor—you can complete the Philosophy degree with Honors.

One of the great things about the philosophy major at UAB is its flexibility. You are not required to take a lot of courses in a particular order. Instead, you can choose the courses that interest you and that best fit your schedule. This makes philosophy an ideal second major if you already have a major. Being a double major may help you stand out in your chosen field of study. By adding a Philosophy Major, you can enhance the other major that you are studying.

The flexibility that makes a Philosophy Major at UAB so great is shared by the Philosophy Minor. Adding a Philosophy Minor, or a Minor in Philosophy and Law, only requires a few classes — classes that can greatly enhance your other studies. They can also help you to develop those important skills picked up as you study more philosophy. Stand out from the crowd by doing a Philosophy Major or Minor!

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