Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers general courses in astronomy, physics, and physical science to non-majors and a range of courses for its majors leading a to a B.S. degree in physics via two different tracks:

     I.    Major in physics
     II.   Major in physics with a biophysics track

The B.S. degree in Physics is designed to prepare students for research and high-tech careers and for graduate study in physics and related fields such as material sciences and material engineering.

The B.S. degree in physics with the Biophysics track is a multidisciplinary program of study designed primarily to place students into medical school, graduate school in the biosciences, bioengineering, and medical physics, and careers in the bioscience field. A balanced, flexible mix of physics, chemistry, biology and math is required.

A B.S. degree in physics with Honors is available for all tracks, and offers the highly motivated and capable student with the enhanced opportunity to develop the research, problem-solving and communication skills necessary to excel in a scientific career.

Advising for all physics majors is provided by a professional advisor in conjunction with physics faculty members. Throughout the course of study of physics as a major or minor, emphasis is placed on understanding of the concepts and theories of physics to solve basic and applied problems in science and technology by using critical thinking and systematic analysis. Physicists work effectively in many careers which require these skills, such as, design and development; programming; quality control; high school teaching; management and administration; financial, medical, and legal services; and applied research.