No matter how good a student you are, having good advice is essential to your academic success. Students are assigned College of Arts and Sciences advisors based on their status as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.

Physics students are also given advising through the department's Faculty Mentoring System. All physics majors meet regularly with a faculty mentor that specializes in the Physics Track that best meets their interests. This mentor will guide the student to develop the most effective course sequence that best fits his/her individual interests and aspirations. In addition, the mentor will connect the student with research, provide academic support and career guidance, and see the student through graduation. This aspect of the program goes beyond typical academic advising to give our students both the knowledge and the opportunities they need to succeed while in school and after they graduate.

Incoming and Transfer Students

Advisor with undergraduate student in an advising session reviewing documents.

The College of Arts and Sciences' Academic Advising website has everything you need — advice, contact information, and all kinds of helpful links.

If you are a new student, meet with your advisor before signing up for classes. The hardest part of your first year should be your classes, not deciding what they should be. Take the easy way out: Make an appointment to talk or meet with your academic advisor before you attend New Student Orientation.

Contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office at (205) 934-6135 for help with registering but also with making the most of your choice to attend UAB!

Current Students

You can rely on your academic advisor for information, assistance, and encouragement throughout your time at UAB. In general, advisors will:

  • help you identify your goals and develop educational plans to reach them
  • help you understand degree requirements, course selection, and schedule planning
  • refer you to resources across campus that can boost your academic performance
  • help you understand academic policies and procedures
  • provide information about potential areas of study

Visit the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office to find contact information for the Physics advisor.