Department of Physics

As a physics major in the biophysics track you must complete a minumum of 71 semester hours of course work, including 29 semester hours in physics, 18 semester hours in mathematics, 8 semester hours in biology, and 16 semester hours in chemistry.

Course Requirements

     PH 221/221L      General Physics I & General Physics I Laboratory
     PH 222/222L      General Physics II & General Physics II Laboratory
     PH 351/351L      Modern Physics I & Modern Physics I Laboratory
     PH 352/352L      Modern Physics II & Modern Physics II Laboratory
     PH 432              Statistical Thermodynamics I
     PH 499              Physics Capstone
     PH XXX              7 semester hours at the 400-level


     MA 125            Calculus I
     MA 126            Calculus II
     MA 227            Calculus III
     MA 252            Introduction to DIfferential Equations
     MA XXX            3 semester hours at the 200-level or higher 

BY 123            Introductory Biology I
     BY 124            Introductory Biology II


     CH 115/116      General Chemistry I & General Chemistry I Laboratory
     CH 117/118      General Chemistry II & General Chemistry II Laboratory
     CH 235/236      Organic Chemistry I & Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
     CH 237/238      Organic Chemistry II & Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

Additional Requirements

A biophysics track student who has taken all or part of the PH 201-202 sequence before declaring a physics major may petition to have those courses substitute for PH 221-222. Students seeking physics teaching certification should plan for 32 semester hours in physics courses

Grade Requirements

Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses applied to this major.