Department of Physics

The requirements for a minor in physics are a minumum of 18 semester hours of course work in physics, including PH 221/221L, PH 222/222L, and PH 351/351L. A minimum of two physics courses must be completed at UAB.

Required Physics Courses   (12 semester hours)
     PH 221/221L      General Physics I & General Physics I Laboratory
     PH 222/222L      General Physics II & General Physics II Laboratory
     PH 351/351L      Modern Physics I & Modern Physics I Laboratory

Physics Electives   (6 semester hours)
     PH 352/352L      Modern Physics II & Modern Physics II Laboratory
     PH 423              Computational Physics 
     PH 425              Applications to Contemporary Optics I
     PH 475              Introduction to Biophysics I
     PH 481              Laser Physics I
     PH 487              Nanoscale Science and Applications
     PH 491              Advanced Physics Laboratory I

Grade Requirements

Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses applied to the minior, as well as in all mathematics course prerequisites.