Department of Physics
Ilias PerakisWelcome to UAB's Department of Physics. We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about our academic and research programs and the educational opportunities available at UAB. The Department offers a variety of bachelor, masters, and Ph.D. degree tracks including in teacher education along with research programs in astrophysics, biophysics, computational physics, theoretical physics, condensed mattter physics, material physics, nanoscience, optics, and laser physics. Our undergraduate majors can take advantage of a multitude of learning activities ranging from honors courses and seminars during their freshman year to participating in cutting-edge research with our world-class physics faculty. Students will find that our physics faculty also excel in the classroom and will bring their passion for physics whether teaching in the freshmen-level introductory physics courses or in a graduate-level course in advanced quantum mechanics. Graduates of our programs have been successful in following a wide range of post-graduation paths and career options - from research scientists at government laboratories to radiation physicists working in hospitals, from high school teachers to members of R&D staffs of private companies, from attending medical school to earning a Ph.D. in physics. Physics is not only about learning and discovering the nature of matter and the universe, but acquiring the critical thinking skills necessary to apply in solving real-world problems.

Our faculty and facilities for our instructional and research programs are among the best in the Southeast. Opportunities also exist for both undergraduate and graduate students to do part of their research work at major government and industrial laboratories.  In the interim, a wealth of information about our Department, the faculty, and the programs and opportunities awaiting our students can be found at this website. So please explore our Web site to learn more about our academic and research programs and the opportunities awaiting you as a member of our family. And, I look forward to seeing you on the UAB campus soon.

Ilias Perakis, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair