Graduate Certificate in Public Management

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Public Management (CPM) is to provide skills and insights necessary to plan and manage public organizations. The certificate is geared towards professionals who are seeking upward mobility within their organizations, and students seeking to enter the workforce at the local, city, state and federal level.

The five-course curriculum designed for the Public Management Certificate will educate future leaders in public management, providing them with resource-skills and knowledge to be better employees, managers, and leaders through courses that teach HR management, intergovernmental relations, administrative law, program evaluation, and public finance. These skills are highly sought after with potential employers, which will make graduates more attractive for higher than entry level positions in the local, state or federal government.

Application for the Certificate Program

If you are interested in pursuing the certificate in Public Management you must complete the application form prior to your first class. Students admitted into the program, either fully or probationary, may complete the application at any point during their course work.

Download the application form, fill it out, and return it to the MPA program coordinator by email or fax, (205) 975-5712.

You must be admitted as a non-degree seeking graduate student as defined by the UAB Graduate School. These requirements include an earned undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Students admitted to the MPA program, either fully or probationary, have met this requirement by virtue of their admission; however, the application form must be completed in order to receive the certificate.


The successful completion of five (5) courses courses totaling 15 credit hours of the student’s choosing from the following list. The five courses required to earn the certificate can be completed in one academic year:

Examines the major concepts, theories, procedures and themes needed for effective management of human resources in the public and nonprofit sectors. 3 hours.
Practitioners will have the ability to review programs to determine internal and external viability of delivered programs. 3 hours.
Managers will learn the practical aspects of economics of public policy decisions and the economics of the public sector. 3 hours.
Practitioners will examine substantive areas of the study of law including regulatory process, administrative adjudication, the administrative procedures acts, administrative due process, judicial review, liability and citizen's rights. 3 hours.
Practitioners will explore the various relations among governments in the US system. There will be focus on the impacts of these relations on governmental effectiveness and day-to-day functions. 3 hours.
Special topics courses vary in content and title, showcasing concepts and practical applications relevant to public administration and current events. 3 hours. Some examples of MPA Special Topics (MPA 695) Courses are:
  • Open Government (3 credit hours)
    Practitioners will learn open government concepts and practical applications as it relates to open records and meetings, whistle blowing, collaboration, and e-government.
  • Globalization of Public Administration (3 credit hours)
    Global nature of public administration is explored with wide range of perspectives related to comparative public administration.
  • Digital Governance (3 credit hours)
    Use of technology in government, such as Geographic Information System, social media tools, and web analytics to make informed decisions for public agencies.


You are expected to produce graduate level work and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to continue in the program.

Registration and Payment

You are expected to register for a course each semester. Payments of tuition and fees will be handled through the UAB Financial Affairs. All payment problems or inquiries should be directed to that office.

Future Graduate Degree Work

If you want to apply to the MPA program after completing the nonprofit management certification requirements, you must complete all application requirements as outlined in the Graduate School guidelines. A maximum of four courses (12 hours) with a grade of B or better may be applied toward the MPA degree if the student is accepted in the program.

Successful completion of the nonprofit management certification does not automatically admit a student into the MPA program. All application materials must be completed. Students who pursue the MPA degree following certification must complete all course work within seven years of the first course taken in the certificate program.


Please contact the MPA program coordinator at