Admissions to the Program follows the following review process:
  • Admission to the program is highly competitive. We follow an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity process to ensure applicants are evaluated on their individual merit. Our aim is to admit 2-4 new students each year.
  • Admission is only possible for the fall semester, for full-time studies, and for completing the doctoral program (a Masters’ degree is typically earned along the way). Deadline for all application materials to be I the Graduate School is November 30. Application material is available at
  • Successful applicants typically have a verbal GRE Score of 156 or higher and a Quantitative Score of 152 or higher, with a GPA greater than 3.5.
  • Research experience is essential. We prefer a solid background in psychology as well as some courses in the life sciences. Excellent grades in statistics and mathematics are also valued.
  • A faculty committee reviews all applications to identify a small number who will be considered more fully. Those applicants are invited for a campus visit in January or February.
  • Admission is offered only to an applicant who, in addition to having excellent credentials, can be matched with a faculty member who agrees to mentor that student. Therefore, applicants will need to identify faculty members with whom they share research interest and would like to study.