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  • Recent Dissertations
    • Monica Abdul-Chani: Rates, Presentation, and Effects of Public Autism Stigma. Chair: Dr. O’Kelley
    • Cheyanne Barba: The Association of Cognitive and Physical Functioning with Health and Mortality Outcomes among Puerto Ricans. Chair: Dr. Crowe
    • Tyler Bull: Longitudinal Investigation of Financial Capacity and Driving Performance in Mild Cognitive Impairment. Chair: Dr. Wadley and Dr. Kennedy
    • Keith Chichester: Patterns of Fatal Drug Overdose - A Multi-City Investigation of Geospatial Correlates. Chair: Dr. Cropsey
    • Christina DiBlasio: Cognition, Self-awareness, and Driving after Moderate-to-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Chair: Dr. Kennedy
    • Samantha Gonzalez: Shifting the Narrative-Resources Promoting Positive Parenting Independent of Abuse Risk. Chair: Dr. Rodriguez
    • Abbey Herringshaw: The Effects of a Social Skills Intervention on Neural Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Co-Chairs: Dr. Kana and Dr. O’Kelley
    • Elizabeth McRae: Correlates of Early Adversity in Children and Adolescents - Examining the Interrelatedness of Aggression, Post-traumatic Stress, and Suicidal Behaviors. Chair:  Stoppelbein
    • Casie Morgan: Superhero Media and Risk-Taking-Is Superhero Play a Risk Factor for Unintentional Injury in Preschool-aged Children. Chair: Dr. Schwebel
    • Terence Penn: Psychosocial Risk and Resiliency Factors for Pain Severity among African Americans with Chronic Low Back Pain. Chair: Dr. Goodin
    • Doris Pu: Couple and Family Dysfunction - Bidirectional Effects with Child Abuse Risk and Child Functioning. Chair: Dr. Rodriguez
    • Juliann Purcell: Neural Outcomes of Adolescent Substance Use. Co-Chairs: Dr. Knight and Dr. Mrug
    • Helen Root: Prevalence and Phenotype of Autism Spectrum Disorder within Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. Chair: Dr. O’Kelley
    • Sara Sims: Cognition and the Brain of the Healthy Oldest-Old. Chair: Dr. Visscher
    • Michelle Sisson: Increasing Naloxone Access for Persons Who Use Opioids: An Online Recruitment and Training Approach to Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution. Chair: Dr. Cropsey
    • Marissa Swanson: Preventing Unintentional Childhood Injuries in Rural Uganda-Caregiver Perceptions and Promotion of Personal Safety Skills Through Classroom-based Instruction. Chair: Dr. Schwebel
    • Kathryn Thompson: Predictors and Disparities Associated with Pain (PANDDA-P) Study - A Comparison of Pediatric Rheumatology Patients. Chair: Dr. Goodin
    • Julie Trapani: The Role of Processing Efficiency in Cognitive Outcomes of Pediatric Cancer Survivors. Chair: Dr. Murdaugh
    • Cesar Gonzalez: An Examination of Clinical Pain Severity, Sleep Quality, and Neighborhood Disadvantage in a Racially-Ethnically Diverse Sample of Adults with Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis. Co-Chairs: Dr. Goodin and Dr. Thomas
    • Kathryn King: Towards a Biobehavioral and Social-structural Model of Inflammation and Executive Function in Pediatric Obesity: A Pilot Longitudinal Study. Co-Chairs: Dr. Murdaugh and Dr. Dutton
  • Recent Student Publications
    • Borgatti, A. C., Crockett, K. B., Jacob, A. E., Davis, A. L., & Dutton, G. R. (2022). Correlates of psychological distress among adults with obesity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Psychology and Health, 37(12), 1547-1564.
    • Elliott, L. C., Stager, L., Long, D., Goodin, B., & Fobian, A. D. (2022). Somatic symptoms in adolescents with an ill parent. Psychosomatic Medicine, 84(4), 421–428.
    • Goodin, B. R., Overstreet, D. S., Penn, T. M., Bakshi, R., Quinn, T. L., Sims, A., Ptacek, T., Jackson, P., Long, L., & Aroke, E. N. (2022). Epigenome-wide DNA methylation profiling of conditioned pain modulation in individuals with non-specific chronic low back pain. Clinical Epigenetics, 14(1), 45.
    • Grossman, D., & Hendricks, P. S. (2022). Shedding light on classic psychedelics and self-harm. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 83(2), 21com14268.
    • Hawes, E. S., Mildrum Chana, S., Faust, A., Baker, J. C., Hendricks, P. S., Azuero, A., Lahti, A. C., Carpenter, M. J., & Cropsey, K. L. (2022). In vivo experience with NRT to increase adherence and smoking abstinence among individuals in the criminal legal system: Study protocol for a randomized clinical trial. Frontiers in psychiatry, 13, 886680.
    • Hodgin, K. S., Jones, C. L., & Younger, J. W. (2022). Fatigue and pain severity in Gulf War Illness is associated with changes in inflammatory cytokines and positive acute phase proteins. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 64(11), 905-911.
    • Jacob, A. E., Fazeli, P. L., Crowe, M., & Vance, D. E. (2022). Correlates of subjective and objective everyday functioning in middle-aged and older adults with human immunodeficiency virus. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult. Epub ahead of print.
    • King, K. P., Humiston, T., Gowey, M. A., Murdaugh, D. L., Dutton, G. R., & Lansing, A. H. (2022). A biobehavioural and social-structural model of inflammation and executive function in pediatric chronic health conditions. Health Psychology Review. Epub ahead of print.
    • King, K. P., Keller, C. V., Evans, C. T., Murdaugh, D. L., Gower, B. A., & Gowey, M. A. (2022). Inflammation, executive function, and adiposity in children with or at risk for obesity: A pilot study. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 48(2), 134-143.
    • McMahan, K., Martin, K. M., Greenfield, M. J., Hay, P., Bates Redwine, M., Fargason, R., & Lokken, K. (2022). Using a tele-behavioral health rapid intake model to address high demand for psychotherapy at an academic medical center during COVID-19. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 13, 989838.
    • McRae, E. M., Stoppelbein, L., O’Kelley, S. E., Fite, P. K., & Smith, S. B. (2022). Pathways from child maltreatment to proactive and reactive aggression: The role of posttraumatic stress symptom clusters. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 14(3), 357-366.
    • McRae, E. M., Stoppelbein, L., O’Kelley, S. E., Fite, P. K., & Smith, S. B. (2022). Pathways to suicidal behavior in children and adolescents: Examination of child maltreatment and post-traumatic symptoms. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 15(3), 715-725.
    • Morgan, C. H., Pu, D. F., & Rodriguez, C. M. (2022). Parenting style history in predicting harsh parenting and child abuse risk across the transition to parenthood: Role of gender. Child Abuse and Neglect, 127, 105587.
    • Morgan, C. H., Pu, D., & Rodriguez, C. M. (2022). Intergenerational parenting style and its influence on harsh parenting and child abuse risk. Child Abuse and Neglect, 127, 105587.
    • Mrug, S., Barker-Kamps, M., Orihuela, C. A., Patki, A., & Tiwari, H. K. (2022). Childhood neighborhood disadvantage, parenting, and adult health. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 63(1S1), S67-S74.
    • Ortiz, C. E., Dourron, H. M., Sweat, N. W., Garcia-Romeu, A., MacCarthy, S., Anderson, B. T., & Hendricks, P. S. (2022). Special considerations for evaluating psilocybin-facilitated psychotherapy in vulnerable populations. Neuropharmacology, 214, 109127.
    • Pu, D. F., & Rodriguez, C. M. (2022). Child and parent factors predictive of mothers' and fathers' perceived family functioning. Journal of Family Psychology. Epub ahead of print.
    • Pu, D. F., Rodriguez, C. M., & Dimperio, M. D. (2022). Factors distinguishing reciprocal versus nonreciprocal intimate partner violence across time and reporter. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 37(15-16), NP13654-NP13684.
    • Rodriguez, C. M., Ferguson, A. G., & Gonzalez, S. (2022). Mediators between Positive and Negative Parenting and Child Depressive and Anxious Symptoms: Findings from a Diverse, At-Risk Sample. Children (Basel), 9(3), 350.
    • Stager, L., Morriss, S., Allen, L., Grant, M., Szaflarski, J. P., & Fobian, A. D. (2022). Selective attention and sense of control in pediatric functional seizures: A case-control study. Seizure, 98, 79-86.
    • Stager, L., Morriss, S., Szaflarski, J. P., & Fobian, A. D. (2022). Psychiatric, personality and behavioral factors in pediatric functional seizures: A case-control study. Seizure, 98, 105–112.
    • Sun, R., Mildrum Chana, S., Hawes, E. S., Hendricks, P. S., Cropsey, K. L., Gaggar, A., & Scarinci, I. C. (2022). Examining Racial/Ethnic and Income Disparities on Tobacco Product Use Among US Adults Within Wave 5 of the PATH Study. Journal of Addiction Medicine. Epub ahead of print.
    • Thomas, A. R., Savage, E. E., Hodgin, K., & Savage, R. (2022). Program evaluation. In W. E. Sowers, H. L. McQuistion, J. M. Feldman, J. M. Ranz, and P. S. Runnels (Eds.), Textbook of Community Psychiatry: American Association for Community Psychiatry (2nd ed., pp. 723-736). Springer.
    • Trapani, J. A., & Murdaugh, D. L. (2022). Processing efficiency in pediatric cancer survivors: A review and operationalization for outcomes research and clinical utility. Brain and Behavior. Epub ahead of print.
    • Wallis, K. E., Abdul-Chani, M. M., & Zuckerman, K. E. (2022). Screen often and with trusted community members to improve Autism identification for Latine children. JAMA Pediatrics. Epub ahead of print.

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