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Student-Focused Organizations

Medical/Clinical Psychology students have opportunities to participate in a wide range of committees, clubs, special interest groups, organizations, and programs that complement their formal training, as described below. Most of these organizations were created by the students themselves and involve some combination of social, academic enrichment, community engagement and advocacy goals.

  • Diversity Committee: The Medical/Clinical Psychology Diversity Committee aims to celebrate and embrace diversity as a core value of our doctoral program. The Committee seeks to facilitate recruitment, retention, and mentorship of diverse students; increase knowledge and understanding of how diversity, equity, and inclusion relate to research and clinical practice; provide outreach and advocacy for diverse members of local and statewide communities; and respond constructively to events that disproportionately impact diverse students, faculty, patients, and community members. The Committee functions primarily through the work of three subcommittees:
    • The Recruiting/Retention/Mentorship Subcommittee hosts an annual late-spring recruitment workshop for prospective Psychology graduate students who may apply to UAB or elsewhere. The subcommittee also hosts events for graduate students to learn about the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students in our program and engages in outreach to students in local under-resourced high schools.
    • The Training and Resources Subcommittee maintains an online Diversity Resource Library for students and faculty and hosts a monthly Diversity Happy Hour that is topical, educational, and social. The subcommittee also publishes a monthly Diversity Minute newsletter and Diversity Calendar with news and links for diversity-related events.
    • The Community Outreach and Advocacy Subcommittee focuses on activities that bring knowledge of psychology and mental health issues to diverse adults and high school students in the community. The Subcommittee also hosts a monthly open mentoring meeting for undergraduates and others who are considering applying to psychology graduate school, and publicizes opportunities to engage in diversity- and mental-health-related advocacy.
  • The Anti-Racism in Science Club aims to be a safe space in which undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty can come together to explore the role that we can play in challenging racism by actively changing the policies, behaviors, and beliefs that perpetuate racist ideas and actions within science, academia, and clinical practice. ARIS has regular meetings and events that promote professional and personal development, outreach, and collaboration with other students and faculty. Membership is open to all UAB students at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • The Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training (ANST) is the trainee organization for APA Division 40, the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology. ANST provides didactic, service, and training opportunities to complement formal graduate work related to neuropsychology. Events include journal clubs, guest lectures, case conferences, intragroup collaboration, networking opportunities, and community engagement.
  • The Pediatric Psychology Interest Group aims to strengthen the pediatric psychology training offered at UAB by hosting didactic and experiential events focused on emerging topics in pediatric and child psychology. The group hosts a monthly seminar presented by expert pediatric psychologists and other pediatrics professionals from UAB and other institutions. In addition, the group hosts annual student-led meetings for internship application readiness and preparation.
  • The Health Psychology Interest Group provides students an opportunity to discuss various topics related to health psychology through a monthly journal club.
  • The Society of International Psychology Students (SIPS) seeks to foster academic growth, professional development, and social responsibility among graduate students who share an interest in behavioral sciences in a global context. SIPS hosts an annual fundraiser benefiting a local or international organization and also holds regular case collaborations focused on international psychology topics at local restaurants featuring international cuisine.
  • The Student Wellness Organization (SWO) is focused on increasing student wellness across UAB’s three psychology doctoral programs. SWO plans monthly events to encourage student wellness and community among students in all programs and creates opportunities for improved communication with departmental and graduate program leaders regarding matters of concern to students in all programs (e.g., stipend levels, travel support, and administrative processes).
  • Student representatives to the Alabama Psychological Association (aPA) work to connect students from graduate psychology programs across the State of Alabama. Efforts are focused on providing resources to graduate students in Alabama and helping to organize and facilitate student participation in the annual Alabama Psychological Association conference.
  • UAB’s Neuroscience Roadmap Scholars Program engages students from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds and students with disabilities whose academic focus is on brain and behavioral science. The program provides enhanced mentoring and support that complements the training that students receive in their individual academic programs. For more information visit the program’s home page.

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