Minor Requirements for Theatre

Required Theatre  
THR 154 Beginning Acting 3
THR 210 Introduction to Theatrical Design 3
THR 235 Analysis of Dramatic Literature 3
Theatre Technology  
THR 124 Theatre Technology: Scenery and Lighting 3
THR 125 Theatre Technology: Costumes and Makeup 3
Theatre History  
Select one of the following: 3
Theatre History to 1800  
Theatre History from 1800 to 2000  
Theatre Electives  
Select six hours from the following: 6
Jazz I  
Tap I  
Voice and Movement for the Actor I  
Voice and Movement for the Actor II  
Beginning Production Practicum  
Jazz II  
Tap II  
Playwriting I  
Screenwriting I  
Drawing and Rendering for the Theatre  
Stage Management  
Intermediate Acting  
Exploring the African-American Creative Experience  
Playwriting II  
Screenwriting II  
Modern Stage Combat  
Lighting Design  
Theatre Sound Design and Technology  
Scenic Design  
Costume Design  
Costume History and Period Style for the Theatre  
Advanced Acting  
Directing I  
Acting for the Camera  
Advanced Production Practicum  
Teaching Theatre in the Secondary School  
Advanced Studio in Performance  
Special Workshop  
Directing II  
Individual Project in Design and Production  
Advanced Studio in Scenery  
Advanced Studio in Costumes  
Advanced Studio in Lighting  
Advanced Studio in Audio  
Theatre History to 1800  
Theatre History from 1800 to 2000  
Total Hours 24


A course may not be used to satisfy this requirement and the core curriculum.