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membersGreat things are happening for us here at UAB! We invite you to check us out, and we hope that you choose to join one of the most exciting and growing college band programs in the nation, the UAB Bands!

Costs for Participation

What does it cost to be in the band at UAB? Very little.

Most, if not all, of your expenses, are paid for by the University and the Band program. There is a uniform rental fee ($35) for maintenance and cleaning (except majorettes). There are no travel expenses to regular performances. However, there are some incidental costs which you will incur as a member of the Marching Blazers. These can include black marching band shoes ($45), two band t-shirts ($15), and band shorts ($20). The UAB Bands supply instruments for use in many of its ensembles. There is a small deposit for the use and maintenance of this equipment ($25) and there is a locker rental fee ($20). Thus, extra fees for all band members are LESS than $150 out of pocket for the regular season. Each summer, all band members receive periodic newsletters that explain important dates, deadlines, and fees.

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The UAB Marching Blazers have thrilled thousands of fans with exciting performances that have made this one of the great college bands in the country. That tradition of excellence thrives today as we continue to build through great new members like YOU! We encourage you to join the UAB Band Family. Complete the form below so we can email you more information about the UAB Bands.


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