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General information:

  • All charges will be disclosed to investigators prior to initiation of work and based on an issued SOW (scope of work) document.
  • All analysis performed by U-BDS will have a SOW document written prior to the start of the project. A $75/hr charge will be applied for the preparation of the SOW document.
  • Some services are charged on a per sample rate (e.g. pre-processing steps, alignment etc.) whilst others are set up as an hourly fee-for-service
  • Charges for grant writing or editing are set based on the scope of work. The preparation of grant related supporting documents (e.g.: budget justification, methods write-up, among others) are charged at $75/hr. LoS requests are not subject to hourly fees.

  • Meeting times beyond 30 minute consultation times are charged at $75/hr.
  • Detailed information provided in the enquiry form and in the consultation phase aids U-BDS leadership and staff during the grant/SOW prepartion process and minimizes charges to the users. 


  • An initial 30 minute consultation is free of charge.
  • Longer or ongoing consultation may necessitate a consultation fee.

Analysis service:

  •  Please submit an enquiry form to request a named analysis service. Charges for the analysis service will be disclosed upon project consultation.

Departmental retainers:

  • This option is best suited for Departments or Centers wishing to support faculty and scientists in general in need of small amounts of support spread over a year long period.
  • Please contact us via e-mail to discuss this type of arrangement.

Effort from grants:

  • This option is best suited for users seeking long-term support and collaboration to specific studies.
  • The effort incorporated will be set based on the scope of the work.
  • Please contact us via e-mail to discuss this type of arrangement.