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All art has a story to tell, and in art history, we teach you how to uncover the stories behind masterpieces. With your MA, you'll learn the visual literacy, critical thinking, and research skills needed for a career as a teacher, curator, adjustor, lawyer, and even an FBI art crime investigator.

The MA program is offered jointly with the University of Alabama, which will allow you take advantage of opportunities and work with faculty at both campuses. You will be able to specialize in medieval art, early modern art, 18th-century/19th-century art, 20th-century/contemporary art, South Asian art, or East Asian art. We'll guide you in your choice and offer you all sorts of opportunities to work with faculty members on seminars, participate in research projects, find internships, and more. You’ll also be asked to demonstrate a reading knowledge of a language that is related to your field of study, deepening your understanding of the field. After the first year of the program, you can apply for the UAB/Birmingham Museum of Art Fellowship program, which will give you hands-on curatorial experience.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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Dr. Noa Turel

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