Complete List of Degrees with Online Options

The following programs offer most or all of the course content in an online format. Some on-campus or experiential requirements may be required.

AccountingB.S.M.Ac.Collat School of Business
Applications of Mixed Methods Research~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Business Administration~M.B.A.Collat School of Business
Business Administration/Dentistry (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./D.M.D.Collat School of Business/School of Dentistry
Business Administration/Engineering — Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./M.Eng.Collat School of Business/School of Engineering
Business Administration/Health Administration (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./M.S.H.A.Collat School of Business/School of Health Professions
Business Administration/Medicine (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./M.D.Collat School of Business/School of Medicine
Business Administration/Optometry (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./O.D.Collat School of Business/School of Optometry
Business Analytics with Information Technology~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) - Practitioner Teacher~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) - Scholar Teacher~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Clinical Informatics~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Community Health and Human ServicesB.S.~School of Education
Community Health~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Criminal JusticeB.S.M.S.C.J.College of Arts & Sciences
Cybersecurity Management~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Early Childhood Education~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Education~Ed.S.School of Education
Educational Studies~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Elementary Education~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Engineering~M.Eng.School of Engineering
FinanceB.S.~Collat School of Business
Global Health Studies~Graduate CertificateSchool of Public Health
Health Administration~M.S.H.A.School of Health Professions
Health Care ManagementB.S.~School of Health Professions
Health Coaching~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Health Education~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Health Informatics~M.S.H.I.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Leadership~D.Sc.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Quality and Safety~Graduate CertificateM.S.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Simulation~Graduate CertificateM.S.School of Health Professions
Higher Education Administration~Graduate CertificateM.S.School of Education
Human Resource ManagementB.S.~Collat School of Business
Industrial DistributionB.S.~Collat School of Business
Information SystemsB.S.~Collat School of Business
Information Technology Management~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Instructional Design and Development~M.S.School of Education
Interdisciplinary Engineering~Ph.D.School of Engineering
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies~M.S.Graduate School
Kinesiology~M.S.School of Education
Leadership and Professional Development~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Low Vision Rehabilitation~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Management Information Systems~M.S.Collat School of Business
ManagementB.S.~Collat School of Business
MarketingB.S.~Collat School of Business
Mental HealthCertificate~College of Arts & Sciences
Nonprofit Management~Graduate CertificateCollege of Arts & Sciences
Nursing~D.N.P.M.S.N.School of Nursing
Nutrition Sciences~M.S.School of Health Professions
Occupational Therapy~O.T.DSchool of Health Professions
PsychologyB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
Public Administration/Criminal Justice~M.P.A./M.S.C.J.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health — Maternal and Child Health/Social Work (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.W.School of Public Health/College of Arts & Sciences/University of Alabama School of Social Work
Public Health~Graduate CertificateM.P.H.M.S.P.H.School of Public Health
Public Health/Business Administration (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.B.A.Collat School of Business/School of Public Health
Public Health/Health Administration (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.H.A.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health/Juris Doctorate (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./J.D.School of Public Health/Samford University Cumberland School of Law
Public Health/Medicine (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.D.M.S.P.H./M.D.School of Public Health/School of Medicine
Public Health/Nutrition Sciences — Dietetic Internship, Clinical Track (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health/Optometry (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./O.D.School of Public Health/School of Optometry
Public Health/Pharmacy (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./Pharm.D.School of Public Health/Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Public Health/Physician Assistant Studies (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.P.A.S.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health/Public Administration (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.P.A.School of Public Health/College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health/Veterinary Medicine (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./D.V.M.School of Public Health/Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
Reading Education~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Research Communication~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
School Psychometry~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Social Media~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Sociology~M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
Special Education (Collaborative Teacher)~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Supporting Individuals with Exceptionalities~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages~Ed.S.School of Education
Teaching Multilingual Learners~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education