Complete List of all UAB Graduate Programs

Accounting, MAcBehind every successful business is a great accountant—and we can give you the skills you need to become that numbers guru.Collat School of Business
Administration/Health Services, PhDDo you want to advance research in the management of health services administration? We can prepare you for a career in high-level research positions in healthcare or academic settings.School of Health Professions
Anatomical Science, MSWe need more anatomy experts to teach at the graduate level, and this program will give you the skills you need to educate future anatomists.Joint Health Sciences
Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights, MAIf you're interested in learning how peace can make a difference in individuals, families, communities, and nations, consider earning an MA in Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights.College of Arts & Sciences
Applications of Mixed Methods Research, Graduate CertificateEver thought of mixing quantitative and qualitative research to address real world problems? This program can train you to do exactly that.School of Health Professions
Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Graduate CertificateAre you an MPH student looking to study new quantitative methods? Or have you begun your career, but you want to sharpen your analytic skills? Either way, with this certificate, you’ll learn common epidemiologic methods used in both clinical and lab settings.School of Public Health
Applied Mathematics, PhDIf you want a high-level expertise of pure and applied mathematics - and want to relate that knowledge to outside disciplines - this PhD program might be for you.College of Arts & Sciences
Art History, MAAll art has a story to tell, and in art history, we teach you how to uncover the stories behind masterpieces.College of Arts & Sciences
Arts Education, MAEdThe only thing you enjoy more than expressing yourself artistically is helping others to do the same.School of Education
Biochemistry & Structural Biology, PhDYou have an unquenchable thirst to understand the most basic elements of life—the chemistry of our being, our fundamental molecular structure, and how our cells self-renew and regenerate.Joint Health Sciences
Biology, MSYou were riveted in undergrad and now you want to take your biology education up a level. In our master's program we can teach you the ecology, physiology, genetics, and everything else you need to know about living things to prepare you for a career in medicine, teaching, forensics, and more.College of Arts & Sciences
Biology, PhD

Ready to take the deepest dive into the study of living things? If so, our PhD program is for you. We'll give you the research experience and other preparation you need for a career in health care, environmental management, education, forensics, and more.

College of Arts & Sciences
Biomedical and Health Sciences, MSDo you want to set yourself apart when you apply to health-science programs? With this rigorous, 11-month curriculum, we'll help you launch your career in biotechnology, medicine, physical therapy, research, dentistry, and more.School of Health Professions
Biomedical Engineering, MSBMEWhen health care and engineering come together, a whole new world of medical treatment possibilities opens up.School of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, PhDReady to make breakthroughs and solve some of health care's biggest problems? Our students conduct innovative research that is changing the medical field as we know it.School of Engineering
Biostatistics, MSWhat causes cancer? Will this up-and-coming drug work? As a biostatistician, you'll use data to answer these and many of our other most burning health care questions.School of Public Health
Biostatistics, PhDIs it really possible to find a cure for cancer, ALS, dementia, and countless other diseases? We believe so, and we want to train biostatisticians like you to make it happen.School of Public Health
Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs, Graduate CertificateBiotechnology is a complicated field—there are tons of rules in place to keep people safe.School of Health Professions
Biotechnology, MSBiotechnology is responsible for a lot - from beer, cheese, and bread to biofuels and many other modern breakthroughs.School of Health Professions
Business Administration / Dentistry (Dual Degree), MBA / DMDWhen you set up your own dental practice it is important that you cut your teeth in business well before you start treating patients.Collat School of Business/School of Dentistry
Business Administration / Engineering — Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (Dual Degree), MBA / MEngThis dual degree was designed for safety engineering managers.Collat School of Business/School of Engineering
Business Administration / Health Administration (Dual Degree), MBA / MSHAMedical facilities need savvy businesspeople like you to manage staff, create budgets, develop policies, and much more.Collat School of Business/School of Health Professions
Business Administration / Medicine (Dual Degree), MBA / MDWhen you're in private practice, you don't just need to be a skilled physician—you also need business know-how.Collat School of Business/School of Medicine
Business Administration / Optometry (Dual Degree), MBA / ODWhen you own an optometry practice, you’re both an eye doctor and entrepreneur. You need both skills to be successful.Collat School of Business/School of Optometry
Business Administration, MBAInterested in moving up the ladder quickly - maybe even one day becoming CEO? Then enroll in our MBA program.Collat School of Business
Business Analytics with Information Technology, Graduate CertificateBig Data is growing, and that means businesses are looking for people like you to interpret information in order to improve efficiency.Collat School of Business
Cancer Biology, PhDYour ability to identify and treat cancer could save countless lives, and your understanding of the disease could play a role in defeating it once and for all.Joint Health Sciences
Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, PhDWhat's the reason for certain diseases and birth defects? At UAB, we can teach you about the impact of cell, molecular, and developmental biology on our lives.Joint Health Sciences
Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) - Practitioner Teacher, Graduate CertificateThis program focuses on training future faculty in the best methods for teaching diverse audiences.Graduate School
Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) - Scholar Teacher, Graduate CertificateThis program provides training on how to design and implement research projects in your teaching.Graduate School
Chemistry, MSAtoms, particles, quarks—if your passion is to learn about everything that makes up everything, a master's in chemistry is perfect for you. At UAB, we can prepare you to make the innovative changes our 21st century world demands in the fields of healthcare, forensics, research — just about everything.College of Arts & Sciences
Chemistry, PhDAs a chemist, you're already prepared to create innovate developments that can shape the 21st century. But the reaction you get from employers when you have a PhD from UAB on your resume, well, we suggest you see it for yourself.College of Arts & Sciences
Civil Engineering, MSCEOur infrastructure demands the attentive eye of someone like you to sustain productive communities, from our roads, buildings, and dams to air quality and wastewater treatment—and even traffic patterns.School of Engineering
Civil Engineering, PhDGetting from one side of town to the other can be as simple as going for a drive but your journey was actually thought out and designed by a good civil engineer.School of Engineering
Clinical Exercise Physiology, Graduate CertificatePersonal trainer. Wellness coordinator. Exercise Physiologist. Strength and conditioning coach. Our Graduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise Physiology can benefit professionals in a variety of careers.School of Education
Clinical Informatics, Graduate CertificateClinical environments need experts in translating health informatics to clinical practice to ensure effective and appropriate data-driven decisions.School of Health Professions
Clinical Laboratory Science, MSClinical labs need people like you to run tests and analyze data in order to give patients accurate diagnoses.School of Health Professions
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Graduate CertificateAs a counselor, you need to be prepared to help your patients with a number of mental health issues.School of Education
Clinical/Medical Social Work, MSWWhen you study social work, you learn how to help families and individuals through challenging times, including poverty, addiction, physical and mental illness, discrimination, loss, and much more.College of Arts & Sciences
Communication Management, MAAre you ready to take your expertise in communications to the next level? Whether you're in the profession already, or just finished undergrad, our program can give you that extra oomph you need for success in PR, broadcasting, advertising, and other fields.College of Arts & Sciences
Community Health Promotion, PhDThe demand for skilled health education specialists and advocates that focus on preventing disease and injury, improving health, and enhancing overall quality of life is greater now more than ever.School of Education
Community Health, MAEdYou know a lot about the planning, implementation, and evaluation of community health programs, but now you want to take your game up a notch. School of Education
Computer Engineering, PhDBecome a wizard in computer software, wireless communications, power systems, signals and image processing, and more.School of Engineering
Computer Forensics, Graduate CertificateIf you like computers and stopping bad guys, we can teach you how to combine those two interests.College of Arts & Sciences
Computer Science, MSYou may already feel like a computer expert, but in this program, you will find that you have more to learn about big data, cyber security, mobile applications, and other trending topics related to software engineering, analytical, database and other careers.College of Arts & Sciences
Computer Science, PhDYou have an unquenchable thirst for computer knowledge, and you want to be an expert in a field that drives today's economy.College of Arts & Sciences
Construction Engineering Management, Graduate CertificateIt takes more than engineering skills to manage a construction site—it takes a keen understanding of your workers' needs and processes, as well as a strong business background.School of Engineering
Counseling, MAEverybody has problems, and no one can face their problems alone—they need help, and you could be that support.School of Education
Criminal Justice, MSCJWant to learn how to catch the bad guys? We'll make you an expert in criminal justice with this master's program.College of Arts & Sciences
Cultural Heritage Studies, MAUnderstanding our past is what guides us into our future. And we need people like you to help show us where we come from, preserve and protect our most important pieces of history, and give us the knowledge and tools we need to move forward together.College of Arts & Sciences
Cyber Security, MSSomebody has to defend the computer systems of the world, and with an MS in Cyber Security, that somebody could be you.College of Arts & Sciences
Cybersecurity Management, Graduate CertificateAs more of our confidential information goes online, we need cybersecurity managers like you to defend our networks and safeguard access.Collat School of Business
Data Science, MSAs a data scientist, you'll be using math, statistics, and programming skills to organize information and help businesses find solutions.College of Arts & Sciences
Dentistry, DMDYou want to take care of people’s pearly whites? Our DMD program will help you prepare for a career as a dentist.School of Dentistry
Dentistry, DMD / PhDAre you interested in the academic side of dentistry? In about eight years, our innovative, integrated-clinician scientist training DMD/PhD program will provide the skills needed for a career in academia and dentistry.School of Dentistry
Dentistry, MSIf you're interested in academic dentistry, then maybe you should cut your teeth in our master's program.School of Dentistry
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy, Graduate CertificateOur Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy can help prepare you to be a social change agent, whether you’re already in the workforce or will soon pursue a career.Graduate School
Early Childhood Education, MAEdYou care deeply about your young students, and you want as many tools as possible to give them a quality education.School of Education
Early Childhood Education, PhDDo you measure your success by the success of your students? So do we, and we want you to reach the highest level of understanding education for young children.School of Education
Education, EdSYou're ready to transition from teaching your kids a little bit about everything to teaching them a whole lot about one thing.School of Education
Educational Leadership, EdDReady to take on the challenges of a principal, superintendent, or another educational leadership role? We can help you take your passion for teaching and translate it to a senior administrative position.School of Education
Educational Leadership, EdSYou're a passionate educator, and you're ready for your influence to extend beyond the walls of a single classroom.School of Education
Educational Leadership, MAEdAre you ready to move beyond your role as a teacher and become more involved in instructional leadership? We can give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a leader in your building or district level.School of Education
Educational Studies in Diverse Populations, PhDYou've discovered a passion for helping students excel in spite of challenges they may face in their education.School of Education
Educational Studies, MAEdYou’re a current or prospective educator with the goal of working in a private school, for a community organization that offers instruction to schools, or even overseas.School of Education
Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSECEYou just can't get enough when it comes to electricity, computer software, microelectronics, processing, power systems, and more.School of Engineering
Elementary Education, MAEdIf you value quality education for kids at an early age, an MAEd in Elementary Education is for you. You’ll learn teaching methods and get insights into serving today’s diverse student populations.School of Education
Engineering Management, MSEMYou're moving on from undergraduate to work on your engineering master's, but you'd like to tap in to your inner businessperson as well.School of Engineering
Engineering, MEngYou're already a successful engineer, but you see your future self in a leadership role making in impact in the industry.School of Engineering
English as a Second Language, MAEdYou want to teach English as a second language to kids and/or adults—¿sí? Trés bien.School of Education
English, MAWant a deeper understanding of writing to get an edge in your career? In this program, we can give you an understanding of literary heritage and the advanced writing skills you need for a career as a professor, publisher, lawyer, marketer—practically anything. College of Arts & Sciences
Environmental Engineering, Graduate CertificateDo you want to make a difference in saving our planet? An environmental engineering certificate can help you learn about the design of systems that improve air quality, recycling practices, and more.School of Engineering
Environmental Health Sciences, PhDThe environment's role in public health is critical, and scientists like you who specialize in this field are in high demand.School of Public Health
Epidemiology, PhDYou've got a strong background in this study of population health, but now you're ready to cultivate your knowledge to the highest degree.School of Public Health
Forensic Science, MSFSThere’s a science to uncovering evidence in a criminal investigation – and you can learn how to become an expert.College of Arts & Sciences
Foundations of Business Administration, Graduate CertificateYou want that business edge you get from an MBA, but you don’t have the time to commit to one right now. You’re in luck. With our “mini-MBA” Foundations of Business Administration Graduate Certificate, you could position yourself for new opportunities in your career.Collat School of Business
Genetic Counseling, MSGenetic counselors are in-demand health-care professionals who combine their passions for science and helping people to provide specialized expertise across many areas of medicine and industry.School of Health Professions
Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics, PhDThe future of health care is changing, and understanding genetics can unlock treatments for rare diseases, improve drug therapy, and fight cancer.Joint Health Sciences
Global Health Studies, Graduate CertificateAre you a UAB graduate student who wants to affect health outcomes for people around the world? We can teach you about critical issues in global health.School of Public Health
Health Administration, MSHATo succeed, healthcare providers need quality administrators like you to keep their organizations running as smoothly as possible.School of Health Professions
Health Behavior, PhDPublic health has never been so important. At UAB, we can give you the training you need to impact communities facing a variety of issues.School of Public Health
Health Coaching, Graduate CertificateWant to people achieve their own individual physical fitness and wellness goals? We can train you to teach your clients healthier habits.School of Education
Health Education, Graduate CertificateYou're happy in your job educating people about how to improve their health, but you want to do more.School of Education
Health Informatics, MSHIPatient information is private and incredibly important to health care – in fact, to deliver the best care possible, providers need experts like you to provide and organize that sensitive information.School of Health Professions
Health Physics, MSRadiation is an valuable tool in health care, but it can also be dangerous, and we need people like you to keep patients safe.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Leadership, DScAre you an experienced health care leader who seeks the rigor of a high-quality academic experience while you continue to excel both professionally and personally?School of Health Professions
Healthcare Leadership, Graduate CertificateAre you a practicing clinician who wants to prepare yourself to lead effectively? With only five online courses, we can prepare you for a leadership position without disrupting your current busy schedule.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Quality and Safety, Graduate CertificateIn health care, the patient experience is very important, and it’s up to people like you to make safety, quality, and efficiency top priorities.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Quality and Safety, MSFor health care to be effective, patients must receive care in a quality and safe environment.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Simulation, Graduate CertificateUsing evidence-based simulation, you can offer valuable training about best practices in your organization. At UAB, we can teach you how.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Simulation, MSHealthcare students and professionals need the right training before they treat patients, and a valuable form of that training is simulation, or a learning scenario that mimics reality.School of Health Professions
High School Education, MAEdAs a high school teacher, what you teach your students can impact them the rest of their lives.School of Education
Higher Education Administration, Graduate CertificateDo you see yourself in a leadership role at a university one day?School of Education
Higher Education Administration, MSUniversities are key in shaping the future of society, and we need leaders who are innovative, thoughtful, and socially responsible to guide students toward success.School of Education
History, MAStudying our past can be key in helping us tackle the issues we face now and in the future. With a master's in history from UAB you can learn skills that can take you far in careers such as business, medicine, law, historical preservation, and more.College of Arts & Sciences
Immunology, PhDThe immune system is the body's defense in warding off disease, and we need researchers like you to know how to fortify it.Joint Health Sciences
Information Technology Management, Graduate CertificateIf you want to work in management one day, you’ll need to understand the pivotal role technology plays in a company’s success.Collat School of Business
Instructional Design and Development, MSAn instructional designer, simply put, teaches people how to teach other people.School of Education
Interdisciplinary Engineering, PhDIf you're a passionate engineer, and you are interested in doing research in engineering and other disciplines, such as health care, this degree is for you.School of Engineering
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, MSWe get it: You have very specific career goals. So why shouldn't the focus of your master's be just as specific?Graduate School
Kinesiology, MSGood health is extremely important, and our society desperately needs people like you to offer expert advice in the fields of sports and wellness.School of Education
Leadership and Professional Development, Graduate CertificateIf you want a leadership position one day, you’ll need to know how to build teams, think critically, and communicate effectively.Graduate School
Low Vision Rehabilitation, Graduate CertificateYou're a practicing occupational therapist, but you want to build on your knowledge so you can offer more services to adults with vision impairments.School of Health Professions
Management Information Systems, MSYou're a techie, but you want the business skills you need to take your career to another level? Then you've come to the right place.Collat School of Business
Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling, Graduate CertificateYou plan on being a counselor—or maybe you already are—and you see yourself helping couples and families with their relationships.School of Education
Materials Engineering, MSMtEYou've got a pretty good knowledge of how a lot of stuff's made, but now you want to take your education to the next level.School of Engineering
Materials Engineering, PhDYou're passionate about materials innovation, research, and technological advancement, and ready for a career as a developer, consultant, or other position.School of Engineering
Materials Science, PhDIf you enjoy studying materials—and learning how to make new and better ones—then you have a pretty good handle on the basics of materials science.School of Engineering
Mathematics, MSYou have a solid grasp of the science of numbers, but now you want a more theoretical and abstract understanding of math. In this program, we can give you the problem-solving skills you need for a career in business, government, teaching, or another profession.College of Arts & Sciences
Mechanical Engineering, MSMEAs a mechanical engineer, the devices you design are critical to our modern economy and future innovation.School of Engineering
Medical Sociology, PhDYou can a make a big impact in your community's health by understanding its cultural, social, and psychological influencers.College of Arts & Sciences
Medicine, MDAs a doctor, you not only care for people who are sick and injured—you're charged with keeping them healthy and well from the start.School of Medicine
Mentoring and Leadership, Graduate CertificateBeing a good communicator and mentor is a vital part of well-rounded leadership in any organization.Graduate School
Microbiology, PhDIf you're a germaphobe, then bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites make your skin crawl—but if you're a microbiologist, these guys give you life.Joint Health Sciences
Multidisciplinary Biomedical Science, MSYou have an interest in biomedical health sciences, but you want to leave your options open for your future.Joint Health Sciences
Neuroengineering, PhDThere's a growing need for neuroengineers—scientists who not only understand the complexities of neurodegenerative disorders and other brain diseases, but who can also develop the technology and therapies to treat them.School of Engineering / School of Medicine
Neuroscience, PhDAs a neuroscientist, not only will you have a deep understanding of the brain and how it communicates with every facet of the body, your knowledge can lead to groundbreaking discoveries.Joint Health Sciences
Nonprofit Management, Graduate CertificateIf you're working in the nonprofit world, you know you want to make a difference—and that's what we'll help you do with our program.College of Arts & Sciences
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Sciences, MSIn order for doctors to diagnose and treat diseases effectively, they sometimes rely on radioactive materials.School of Health Professions
Nursing, DNPYou want to take your nursing skills further—and lead the way in population health and health system changes.School of Nursing
Nursing, MSNYou have a passion for caring for others, and now you're ready to make a greater impact as a leader in the nursing field.School of Nursing
Nursing, PhDYou want to take your nursing skills beyond a clinical setting so you can make substantive contributions to your field.School of Nursing
Nutrition for Community Health, Graduate CertificateIn this online program, you can learn how to promote better diet and fitness habits to the public.School of Health Professions
Nutrition Sciences, MSNutrition is critically important to everyone's health—but following a healthy lifestyle doesn't come easily to all of us, which is why we need people like you.School of Health Professions
Nutrition Sciences, PhDNutrition is critically important to the health of individuals and populations, and when you know how to apply the biochemical basis of nutrition to promote health and prevent diseases, you can have a tremendous impact in many lives.School of Health Professions
Occupational Therapy, MSThis program is being transitioned to the entry-level track of the Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy.School of Health Professions
Occupational Therapy, OTDAs an occupational therapist, you help your clients develop strategies to address physical and mental impairments. We have tracks for both entry-level students, as well as licensed occupational therapists.School of Health Professions
Optometry / Vision Science (Dual Degree), OD / MSDive into the study of the eye and how it connects with the rest of the body—and learn how to provide quality eye care.School of Optometry
Optometry, ODAs an optometrist, your community counts on you for quality eye care.School of Optometry
Pathobiology, Pharmacology & Physiology, PhDIf you're interested in developing new treatments for diseases, we need you to first become an expert on how disease works on a molecular level.Joint Health Sciences
Physical Therapy, DPTWhen a patient is ill or injured, a physical therapist can play a huge role in their recovery—whether it's by helping them move normally, relieving pain, or preventing further injury or disability.School of Health Professions
Physician Assistant Studies, MSPASAs a physician assistant, you're caring for and treating patients, making diagnoses, and even prescribing medications.School of Health Professions
Physics, MSYou're ready to take what you learned in undergrad and become a true expert in matter, energy, and how they relate to one another.College of Arts & Sciences
Physics, PhDWhen it comes to electromagnetic fields, quantum optics, and statistical mechanics, you just can't get enough.College of Arts & Sciences
Psychology, PhDYou have a solid grasp of how the mind works but want to know even more about what makes people tick. With a doctorate in psychology, you can offer great value in fields such as mental health counseling, business, advertising, politics, law, education, and more.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Administration / Criminal Justice (Coordinated Degree), MPA / MSCJIn criminal justice, thorough training is critically important. We can prepare you for a career in law enforcement, corrections, and other related positions.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Administration / Juris Doctorate (Coordinated Degree), MPA / JDInterested in learning the legal side of public policy and management? Our Department of Political Science & Public Administration has partnered with Samford's Cumberland School of Law to prepare you for a career in government or public interest law.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Administration, MPAIf you're interested in the public sector, this is definitely a degree for you to consider.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health — Maternal and Child Health / Nursing (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MSNOffering women and children the best care possible is critically important throughout and following the gestation period. This program is not currently admitting students.School of Public Health/School of Nursing
Public Health / Business Administration (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MBADo you want a leadership position in healthcare, public health or private industry? With our coordinated Public Health/Business Administration degree, you can be prepared for a non-profit or government career, entrepreneurship, or any of a broad range of professions.Collat School of Business/School of Public Health
Public Health / Health Administration (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MSHAFor students looking to pursue careers in management and leadership within the healthcare industry, the MPH/MSHA provides education and training for wide variety of areas including health economics, strategic planning, health policy.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health / Juris Doctorate (Coordinated Degree), MPH / JDIf you’re interested in the field of health law, our coordinated MPH/JD program can give you the education and training you need to protect and enhance the health of populations as well as individuals.School of Public Health/Samford University Cumberland School of Law
Public Health / Medicine (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MDOur coordinated MPH/MD program can give you the clinical skills and science experience you need to make the sustainable, long-term improvements necessary to overcome health and wellness challenges facing our communities today.School of Public Health/School of Medicine
Public Health / Medicine (Coordinated Degree), MSPH / MDInterested in a research-oriented career in the public health and medical industry? Our coordinated MSPH/MD program can give you the clinical skills and research experience you need.School of Public Health/School of Medicine
Public Health / Nutrition Sciences — Dietetic Internship, Clinical Track (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MSIf you want to understand and improve a population’s nutritional choices, consider our program, which can give you the skills you need to make long-lasting, sustainable improvements to both individuals and communities.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health / Optometry (Coordinated Degree), MPH / ODIf you’re interested in vision disorders, eye diseases, and public access to and awareness of vision care, our MPH/OD program can give you the training you need to make sustainable, long-term eye care improvements for both patients and specific populations.School of Public Health/School of Optometry
Public Health / Pharmacy (Coordinated Degree), MPH / PharmDIf you want to pursue an advanced pharmacy practice career, including health policy development, emergency response, public health leadership, or global health policy, our MPH/PharmD program can give you the education and training you need for success.School of Public Health/Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy
Public Health / Physician Assistant Studies (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MSPASAre you interested in making sustainable, long-term improvements to the health and well-being of both individual patients and the general population? Our coordinated MPH/MSPAS program can give you the training you need.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health / Public Administration (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MPADo you want to become a leader in government, public health, or a nonprofit organization? Our interdisciplinary MPH/MPA program can give you the leadership skills you need for entrepreneurship, public service, and practically everything in between.School of Public Health/College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health / Social Work (Coordinated Degree), MPH / MSWOur coordinated Public Health/Social Work degree can give you the education and training you need to help solve multifactorial health problems through population-based health promotion and improvement.School of Public Health/University of Alabama School of Social Work
Public Health / Veterinary Medicine (Coordinated Degree), MPH / DVMAre you interested in the way animal health impacts the human population? Our MPH/DVM program can give you the education and training you need for a wide array of careers including food safety, zoonosis prevention, and occupational and environmental health.School of Public Health/Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
Public Health, DrPHIn public health, your goal is to help create an environment so that people in a community stay healthy and thrive.School of Public Health
Public Health, Graduate CertificateThe Association of Schools of Public Health predicts a shortage of 250,000 professionals by the year 2020, and we need people like you to fill those jobs.School of Public Health
Public Health, MPHWhen you combine the health care resources here at UAB with Birmingham's urban environment, you have the ingredients you need to receive a world-class public health education.School of Public Health
Public Health, MSPHYou're interested in learning more about research and academic opportunities as they relate to public health.School of Public Health
Public Management, Graduate CertificateFrom the city level all the way up to federal, governments need people like you to keep things running smooth. At UAB, we can show you how to manage a public organization efficiently.College of Arts & Sciences
Reading Education, MAEdStrong reading skills are critically important for everyone to succeed, and kids need educators like you who can help them build a solid foundation.School of Education
Rehabilitation Science, PhDWith a PhD in Rehabilitation Science, you can make a real difference in the lives of those with disabilities.School of Health Professions
Research Communication, Graduate CertificateWhen researchers make discoveries that change the world, communicators play a key role in sharing those breakthroughs beyond the lab.Graduate School
Research Laboratory Management, Graduate CertificateDo you want to be a leader in the lab? UAB’s Category A certificate in Research Laboratory Management will help prepare you to become just that.Graduate School
School Psychometry, MAEdNot everyone learns the same way, and a psychometrist can identify programs, teaching strategies, and settings that benefit the students who need them.School of Education
Science Policy, Graduate CertificateThese days, people who have a science background and an ability to innovate to solve key societal problems are in high demand. At UAB, our Graduate Certificate in Science Policy can prepare you for a career in academia, government, nonprofit, or the private sector.Collat School of Business
Social and Behavioral Statistics, Graduate CertificateAre you interested in a research career in psychology, sociology, or a related discipline?College of Arts & Sciences
Social Media, Graduate CertificateWant more likes, comments, and shares on your posts? We can help you enjoy more business success on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media.Collat School of Business
Sociology, MAIf you're fascinated by how people interact with one another, and how relationships, social groups, and political structures influence our actions, an MA in Sociology could be for you.College of Arts & Sciences
Special Education (Collaborative Teacher), MAEdFor children with physical, emotional, mental, or learning disabilities, a traditional education approach just won't cut it.School of Education
Structural Engineering, Graduate CertificateDo you have an analytical mind and a love for architecture? Our certificate in structural engineering can enhance your understanding of modern design and help you further your engineering career.School of Engineering
Supporting Individuals with Exceptionalities, Graduate CertificateStudents with exceptionalities such as autism, speech impairments, and intellectual disabilities need dedicated teachers.School of Education
Sustainable Engineering, Graduate CertificateYou want to pursue your dream of designing new innovations with your love for our planet? Then let us teach you how to create systems and buildings that use energy and resources in an environmentally friendly way.School of Engineering
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, EdSYou’re a passionate educator with a master’s degree, and you’re ready to expand your expertise at teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).School of Education
Teaching Multilingual Learners, Graduate CertificateYou want to help multilingual students learn English so they can excel academically or support non-English speaking clients in their workplaces.School of Education
Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship, Graduate CertificateWhen someone makes an awesome discovery in a lab, they want to turn that into a business.Collat School of Business
Translational and Molecular Sciences, Graduate CertificateWe need people to study the mechanisms of a disease to gain insights into fighting them.Joint Health Sciences
Transportation Engineering, Graduate CertificateInterested in designing, planning, and operating modes of transportation and facilities? Then let us teach you about everything from highway construction to urban planning.School of Engineering
Vision Science, MSVision scientists have an in-depth knowledge of the eye's inner workings and how it connects with the rest of the body.School of Optometry
Vision Science, PhDIf you're seeking the greatest understanding of the eye, how it works, and how it connects to everything else we do, a PhD in Vision Science could be the degree for you.School of Optometry

Professional Development Program

Increasingly, employers want diverse, well-rounded, and knowledgeable professionals who can move quickly between teams and projects. When you add our Professional Development Program to your graduate school curriculum, you can enhance important skills such as ethics, leadership, communication, mentoring, college teaching, and team building—crucial skills that will give you an edge. Learn more about UAB Graduate School's Professional Development Program.

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