Complete List of all UAB Undergraduate Programs

Accounting, B.S.In order to succeed, every business has to have an accountant like you keeping track of its resources.Collat School of Business
African American Studies, B.A.Want a deeper knowledge of African American life and culture? If you're interested in a legal, political, teaching, or humanitarian career, this may be the major for you.College of Arts & Sciences
Anthropology, B.A.Anthropology is the study of humankind, past and present.College of Arts & Sciences
Art, B.A.Everyone has his or her own definition of art. What's yours?College of Arts & Sciences
Art, B.F.A.There's an artistic genius inside you, and we can bring it out.College of Arts & Sciences
Bioinformatics, B.S.Bioinformatics is an emerging field that involves managing and analyzing large amounts of data about living things—data that will help us treat human diseases and make breakthroughs that will improve our lives.College of Arts & Sciences
Biology, B.S.Biology is the study of all living things—bacteria, daisies, humans, whales—everything.College of Arts & Sciences
Biomedical Engineering, B.S.B.M.E.People with disabilities count on breakthrough innovations created by biomedical engineers to lead their daily activities.School of Engineering
Biomedical Sciences, B.S.If you want to be in health care, but don't know if medicine, dentistry, research, or the like is right for you, consider studying biomedical sciences.School of Health Professions
Cancer Biology, B.S.Do you want to make a difference in the fight against cancer? UAB is the only university in the United States with a cancer biology undergraduate program, which means you can get a head start on preparing for a career in research, treatment, and other areas.College of Arts & Sciences
Chemistry, B.S.Literally everything is made up of matter, and chemists study all about that matter, including properties, reactions, and more.College of Arts & Sciences
Civil Engineering, B.S.C.E.Creative thinkers like you are essential to establishing and maintaining the framework of productive communities, from roads and buildings to air quality and soil erosion control.School of Engineering
Communication Studies, B.A.Communication is the act of exchanging information through writing or other verbal or nonverbal means.College of Arts & Sciences
Community Health and Human Services, B.S.A healthy community doesn't just happen—it takes education, coaching, program development, and, most important, people who care to make a difference.School of Education
Computer Science, B.A.Computer science, simply put, is about computers, computer systems, and how they work.College of Arts & Sciences
Computer Science, B.S.Study computer science, and you'll learn how to analyze a problem and find a computational solution.College of Arts & Sciences
Criminal Justice, B.S.As a criminal justice student, you'll not only learn about crime and justice—you'll also gain critical skills in analyzing and communicating.College of Arts & Sciences
Dental Assisting, CertificateAs a dental assistant, you'll perform a variety of tasks such as caring for patients and taking X-rays, as well as administrative duties.School of Dentistry
Digital Forensics, B.S.As a digital forensics professional, you'll examine digital evidence and protect computer systems from hackers and malware.College of Arts & Sciences
Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, B.S.Interested in being part of a child's success? As a preschool or elementary-school teacher, you can make a lasting impact in a young student's life.School of Education
Early Childhood Education, B.S.Kids approaching kindergarten are ready to learn and discover, and they need caring, talented teachers like you to guide them.School of Education
Economics, B.S.If you study economics, you'll find there's actually a science behind how and why money gets spent in a society.Collat School of Business
Electrical Engineering, B.S.E.E.If electric currents, self-driving cars, and the latest smartphone apps get you amped, you should consider a degree in electrical and computer engineering.School of Engineering
Elementary Education, B.S.If you feel inspired to teach kids—from 5-year-olds in kindergarten up through sixth grade—then this is the degree for you.School of Education
Engineering Design, B.S.E.In the world of engineering design, you might be responsible for creating the next new camera phone, innovating a self-driving car — practically anything.School of Engineering
English, B.A.As an English major, you'll learn the power of expression and communication.College of Arts & Sciences
Entrepreneurship, B.S.Many of the world’s leading companies began as student startups. Could one of your big ideas be next?Collat School of Business
Finance, B.S.In finance, we'll teach you how to address an age-old problem: How do you make more money and grow your business?Collat School of Business
Foreign Languages, B.A.As a foreign languages student, not only will you learn another language, you'll also gain a deeper understanding of culture, art, history, and philosophy.College of Arts & Sciences
General Studies, B.G.S.One day you wake up, look at your transcript, and realize you've got enough credits for nearly two minors.College of Arts & Sciences
Genetics and Genomic Sciences, B.S.We can learn a lot about ourselves from our genes—the color of our eyes, how tall we are, where our ancestors came from, and if we're at risk for certain diseases.College of Arts & Sciences
Health Care Management, B.S.A successful healthcare practice not only has great providers—doctors, nurses, optometrists, dentists, and the like—it has high quality management.School of Health Professions
High School Education, B.S.As a high-school teacher, you can have a tremendous influence over a person during some of their most formative years.School of Education
History, B.A.The study of history is, well, the study of stuff that's already happened.College of Arts & Sciences
Human Resource Management, B.S.A business can't succeed without the right employees, and at UAB, we can teach you how to build, manage, and grow a successful team.Collat School of Business
Immunology, B.S.Immunology is the study of the immune system, including the cells, organs, tissues, and the function the system plays in protecting humans against infectious diseases.College of Arts & Sciences
Industrial Distribution, B.S.When you buy something at the store, do you ever think about how it got there? There's a lot to it, and understanding this can make you quite successful.Collat School of Business
Information Systems, B.S.If you're both a people person and a techie, you'd be perfect for information systems.Collat School of Business
International Studies, B.A.International studies will give you an in-depth knowledge of what's happening around the world, letting you focus your courses on specific areas that interest you.College of Arts & Sciences
Interprofessional Non-Profit Leadership, CertificateWhether you're a current student or are already working, you may be able to help your good cause with a good dose of interprofessional education.Collat School of Business
Kinesiology, B.S.It's amazing what our bodies can achieve, and in the kinesiology program, you'll study how a person can stay healthy and physically fit.School of Education
Management, B.S.You may have not much on-the-job experience, but you already have a knack for inspiring people to do great things.Collat School of Business
Marketing, B.S.If you're reading this, we're marketing our marketing program to you so that you can become a savvy marketing expert.Collat School of Business
Materials Engineering, B.S.Mt.E.The world is made out of all sorts of stuff—metals, plastic, glass, stones, almost anything you can think of—and materials engineers not only study how to make that stuff but also why we use it.School of Engineering
Mathematics, B.S.Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change—you know, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and the like.College of Arts & Sciences
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E.From building powerful machines to extracting power from them, mechanical engineers keep the world’s machinery operating.School of Engineering
Medical Sociology, B.S.Medical sociology looks at how a person's culture, feelings, and other social factors play a role in their health-care choices.College of Arts & Sciences
Mental Health, CertificatePeople of all ages need mental health professionals like you to help them through a variety of issues.College of Arts & Sciences
Music, B.A.With a music degree, you can learn more than how to make a beautiful, artistic sound—you can learn all about music technology, composition, theory, and more.College of Arts & Sciences
Musical Theatre, B.F.A.As a musical theatre student, you'll learn about acting, voice, singing, music, movement, and dance.College of Arts & Sciences
Neuroscience, B.S.Neuroscience is the study of the body's nervous system—or in other words, how the brain shares information throughout the body.College of Arts & Sciences
Nursing, B.S.N.Nurses make informed judgments every day about the health of patients of all ages in all sorts of settings—hospitals, primary care practices, home care—you name it.School of Nursing
Philosophy, B.A.Who are we? Why are we here? As a philosophy student, you won't just study ideas and thoughts related to these questions, you'll study critical thinking, problem solving, and how to analyze and argue.College of Arts & Sciences
Physics, B.S.Whether it's a bouncing ball or a rocket blasting through the atmosphere, literally all things move through space and time.College of Arts & Sciences
Political Science, B.A.In political science, we teach you how American government and politics compare with the rest of the world.College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-DentistryYou're interested in one day going to dental school, and you want to give yourself the best chance of getting accepted.College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-LawAre you interested in becoming a lawyer or working in the legal profession? While pre-law is not in itself a major, you can consider adding it to your degree.College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-MedicineAre you interested in becoming a doctor, nurse, or other health-care professional? While pre-med is not in itself a major, you can consider adding it to your science or non-science degree.College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-OptometryYou're interested in the eye-care profession, and you want the educational foundation you need for success.College of Arts & Sciences
Professional Sales, CertificateEvery salesperson of the year has to start somewhere.Collat School of Business
Psychology, B.S.Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. With a thorough knowledge of psychology, you can offer great value in a wide variety of fields, including business, advertising, politics, law, education, and mental health counseling.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health, B.S.When you work in public health, your goal is to help your community stay healthy and thrive.School of Public Health
Social Media, CertificateSure, everyone uses Snapchat and Instagram—but not everyone knows how to use these apps to grow a business.Collat School of Business
Social Work, B.S.S.W.If you want to help people, consider a social work degree, and learn how to make a difference in some of the world's most difficult challenges—poverty, addiction, physical and mental illness, discrimination, and loss.College of Arts & Sciences
Sociology, B.A.When you study sociology, you learn all about people, relationships, and why we behave the way we do.College of Arts & Sciences
Spanish for Specific Purposes, CertificateMore than 40 million people in America speak Spanish, and, chances are, you come across the language every day.College of Arts & Sciences
Theatre, B.A.A theatre degree can give you performing arts experience as an actor, designer, stage manager, director, scriptwriter, costume and set designer, and much more.College of Arts & Sciences
UndeclaredDon't worry—you can work toward your college degree, even if you don’t yet know what you’re going to study.Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center

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