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About the Program

A PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology will allow you to conduct empirical research aimed to improve the lives of others. You will be able to apply technical knowledge learned to real-world settings, be trained on the fundamentals of teaching in the classroom and disseminating research findings, and gain information on how to develop and implement programs and interventions.

Students in our program utilize a life course approach to learn the principles of human development from infancy to elder ages and how to translate them to several specialized research settings. You can pursue research in three distinct areas: child and adolescent development (ex. autism spectrum disorders, parent and peer influences, pediatric psychology), adulthood (ex. Obesity, physical activity, health equity), and aging (ex. cognition, Alzheimer’s Disease, caregiver support, successful aging). These skills and discoveries can lead to a career in departments of psychology or related disciplines, medical schools, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, or other research and teaching-focused positions.

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Directors

Dr. Olivio Clay
Terri Roberson
Concentration: Program Manager

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