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You want to take your nursing skills further—and lead the way in population health and health system changes. In our DNP program, we can train you for a career in industry or academia and teach you how to improve health for the underserved.

We've identified three important skills you'll need, and we've made them the three components of our program. They are advanced clinical practice, leadership, and practice inquiry. As you go through our program, you'll learn to advocate for better health regulations, address health disparities, and assume clinical faculty positions so you can address the critical nursing-faculty shortage. You'll also complete a scholarly project, which will serve as your capstone experience. And finally, while all our courses are offered in a distance learning format, we will need you to come on campus between your first and second year for a two to three day intensive experience.


Post BSN to DNP - Nurse Anesthesia
Post BSN to DNP for Nurse Practitioners
Post MSN to DNP for Advance Practice Nurses
Post MSN to DNP for Nurse Executives

Delivery Method


This program delivers at least half of the content online with the remaining content delivered via on- campus meetings. Please check with the program director for more information about on-campus requirements.

Program Director

Dr. Aimee Holland

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