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When it comes to electromagnetic fields, quantum optics, and statistical mechanics, you just can't get enough. So with a PhD, you can gain extensive knowledge that will prepare you for careers in engineering, computer and information systems, health care, research, business, and more.

Your career potential is so great, in fact, that nowadays only 5 percent of physics graduates actually go into teaching. That's why we designed our program to prepare you specifically for the demands of this modern job market. To enter the program, you'll take a qualifying exam testing your knowledge of statistical mechanics, electromagnetic theory, and quantum physics. Upon passing this exam, you'll study areas such as computational and theoretical physics, experimental condensed matter and materials physics, and experimental optics and laser physics. If you choose the general physics track, you'll explore topics like quantized electromagnetic fields, photons, quantum optics, and excitations in solids. With applied physics, you'll do an internship as part of your theoretical nuclear physical course, as well as take a set of interdisciplinary electives.


  • Applied Physics

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Director

Dr. Shane Catledge

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