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Students with autism spectrum disorder, speech language impairments, intellectual disabilities, and other exceptionalities need dedicated teachers like you. Learn how to address their diverse needs in early childhood, elementary, and secondary school settings.

To give you the preparation you need, we've designed a program that requires at least 12 credit hours. Your faculty advisor will work with you on selecting the four best courses that align with your career goals. In the end, you should have a deep understanding of topics such as characteristics of individuals with disabilities, behavior management techniques to support successful participation in inclusive activities, planning and applying effective instruction for learners with exceptionalities, and family engagement for diverse families. Note that while this program is designed for people who may not pursue a master's degree, you can apply credits from this certificate toward a graduate degree within five years of completion.

Delivery Method

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

Program Director

Dr. Robin Ennis

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