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Austin Stiles, a third year D.M.D. student, has assumed an out-of-the-box role at the School of Dentistry.

 Austin Stiles wearing surgical mask and standing in front of UAB Dentistry sign.

Stiles has provided information technology assistance to his class for the past two years, serving as its elected IT representative. “Austin has gone above and beyond the duties of the role,” said Dr. Michelle Robinson, Senior Associate Dean. “He has done an incredible job of helping fellow students coordinate their laptop software with school systems.”

“We often look for ways to nurture special talents outside of dentistry through new opportunities,” she added. Recognizing his contribution, the school tapped Stiles as a Computer Teaching Assistant. The position was created in the department of Health Information and Business Systems led by Dr. Robinson.

Among his job duties, Stiles will assist with student laptop setup and IT orientation sessions.

“I am excited about this new position because it enables me to share my enjoyment of technology with more people than before,” said Stiles. “Technology can be something people are afraid of or just don’t want to understand but I believe that it is something that can better us as a communicator, learner, and clinician. It is my hope that in the process I can get people as excited about computers as I am.”

Stiles will receive specific training and tools to help him work effectively while preserving time for his dental student obligations. He is currently training on new information technology systems to provide future remote support.