The 18-hour, Post-Master's Certificate (PMC) program (also known as the Reduced-Hour Option) is designed for teachers who already hold a master's degree in another instructional area but wish to acquire additional skills and knowledge necessary to lead an Alabama PK-12 school as a curriculum/instructional leader or as an assistant principal or principal. (Most teachers with a post-master's certificate in educational leadership first pursue entry-level school leadership positions in curriculum or instruction or administrative positions such as assistant principal with the aim of becoming school principals or district curriculum leaders after some years of administrative experience.) Our long-standing school district partners contribute to all aspects of this certificate program, including admissions, program design, syllabi for new courses, mentoring, student assessment, co-teaching of courses, and exit evaluations of all master's degree candidates. University-based field supervisors and faculty-trained school principals provide support for and mentor our graduate students.

Students in the program are taught alongside master's students via Zoom. This delivery model encourages group learning and fosters lasting professional relationships among educators.

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  • Admissions Requirements

    To be eligible for the post-master's certificate program, applicants must have a minimum of three years of full-time classroom teaching experience, a master's degree (and a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 for their graduate coursework), and Class A certification in a teaching field or instructional support area from the Alabama State Department of Education. Prospective students must apply through the UAB Graduate School and submit (a) official transcripts from all institutions attended after high school, (b) three letters of recommendation (one of which must be from the applicant's current administrator or supervisor), (c) an MAT or GRE score, (d) a resume, (e) a writing sample, (f) a Supplemental EXP form certifying at least three years of classroom teaching experience, and (g) an admissions portfolio. An admissions interview is also required. To ensure their applications are complete, prospective students should review our full list of admission requirements by clicking on the link below.

    This certificate program admits students each semester. When applying for the Post Master's Certification (Reduced-Hour Option) program, be sure to select the "Degree-Seeking" option in SalesForce. You will be prompted later to choose the certificate option after you select "Degree-Seeking" status. Important: Do NOT select "Non-Degree Seeking" option. Applications are due April 1 for entry during the summer term, July 1 for fall entry, and November 1 for spring entry.

    Important note: Because the Post-Masters Certification (Reduced-Hour Option) program is a certification-only program, and not a degree granting program, applicants will not qualify for federal financial aid.

  • Course Sequence

    Students in the PMC program take six credit hours per semester for three consecutive semesters. They take two courses in the first term and two courses in the second term then complete a final course and their 10-day residency in instructional leadership during their third and final term of the program.

    PMC Block I

    EDL 601 (3 hrs.)
    Foundations of Instructional Leadership

    EDL 610 (3 hrs.)
    Legal and Ethical Foundations for School Leadership

    PMC Block II

    EDL 606 (3 hrs.)
    Supervision and Mentoring of Instructional Staff

    EDL 608 (3 hrs.)
    Organizational and Financial Management to Support Instructional Leadership

    PMC Residency

    EDL 612 (3 hrs.)
    Best Practices in Instructional Leadership for Diverse Populations

    EDL 605 (3 hrs.)
    10-Day Residency in Instructional Leadership

  • Residency

    In the final term of their post-master's certificate program, students must complete a three-credit hour, 10-day residency (internship) in instructional leadership. This 10-day residency provides future K-12 school leaders with authentic leadership experiences absent the responsibilities of teaching and coursework. We place our graduate students in school districts all around central and northern Alabama, including Bessemer, Birmingham, Cullman, Fairfield, Homewood, Hoover, Jasper, Jefferson County, Leeds, Madison, Midfield, Mountain Brook, Shelby, Sylacauga, Tarrant, Trussville, and Vestavia Hills, among others.

Coursework and Degree Requirements

The PMC program consists of five core, three-credit courses, each of which has an embedded field experience. These courses include: Foundations of Instructional Leadership, Legal and Ethical Foundations for School Leadership, Supervision and Mentoring of Instructional Staff, Organizational and Financial Management to Support Instructional Leadership, and Best Practices in Instructional Leadership for Diverse Populations. All courses are taught via Zoom, and meet on a weekly basis.

Candidates for the post-master's certificate must complete the special education course Introduction to Exceptional Learners (ECY 600) or its equivalent. PMC candidates must also complete a 10-day residency in instructional leadership during their final term and must pass the Praxis II Educational Leadership, Administration, and Supervision (ELAS) test in order to apply for the Class A certification in Instructional Leadership from the Alabama State Department of Education.

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