Program Admission

Master's Degree

Master of Arts in Education in Educational Leadership (M.A.Ed.)

Application Deadline: July 1 for fall admission

Note:  The Educational Leadership Masters program only admits in the fall.

Admission Requirements

  • 3 Years of Successful Teaching Experience or Professional Experience
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (one of which must be from your current administrator) – part of your Portfolio
  • G.P.A. of 3.0 in your last college degree program
  • You must have a 2.5 GPA or higher in your last degree program OR a 35 /388 on the MAT (MAT must be taken).
  • Submission of a Writing Sample and "Acceptable" score on rubric
  • Submission of Portfolio and "Acceptable" score on rubric
  • Interview with UAB Faculty and LEA Personnel and "Acceptable" score on rubric

Portfolio Requirements for Admission to the Educational Leadership Program

Candidates will bring 2 copies of their portfolios to the interview. Portfolio are to be in a ½" three ring binder. Each of the artifacts should be in page protectors. Complete portfolio requirements.

Interview with UAB Faculty and LEA Personnel

In addition to the portfolio, candidates must also participate in an interview. The following information will answer questions you might have about that process. Interview FAQs.

How to Apply

Go to the ApplyYourself website
Click on Apply Online
Set up your account
Follow the directions online; including paying registration fee with credit card

Educational Specialist

Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership (Ed.S.)            

Application Deadline: November 1 for spring admission

Note:  The Educational Leadership EDS program only admits in the spring.

(If the deadline is missed, applicants are not allowed to begin courses in a non-degree status)

Admission and Certification Requirements:

To pursue an Ed.S. degree and Class AA certification through UAB’s Instructional Leadership program, you must meet several eligibility requirements. These requirements are as follows:

UAB Requirements:

  • Gain unconditional admission to the UAB Graduate School as a degree-seeking student by:
    • obtaining a score of 388 or higher on the Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT);
    • providing  three names for online recommendations through the UAB Graduate School website;
    • having a GPA of 3.00 or higher from a Master’s Degree program or Previous Add-On Class A Program in Educational Administration or Instructional Leadership;
    • earning an acceptable passing score on a spontaneous on-site writing sample (for those not graduating from UAB ‘s Master’s Degree programs in Instructional Leadership).

State Department Requirements:

  • Provide documentation that you have earned an Alabama Class A Professional Educator Certificate in Instructional Leadership or one of the other Class A leadership certificate designations [Instructional Leader, Principal, Superintendent, Superintendent-Principal, Educational Administrator, Supervisor (any subject and/or grade level), Administrator of Career and Technical Education].
  • Provide documentation of a criminal history background check.
  • Provide documentation of at least 3 years of teaching experience.  If you do not yet have administrative experience, you must demonstrate competency in each of the Class A Leadership Standards through the compilation of a comprehensive portfolio kept throughout your Ed.S. coursework and field experiences.  This is not required of students who completed Class A Certification  in a redesigned program.
  • Earn an acceptable passing score on an interview with Instructional Leadership Faculty and P-12 LEA representatives (for those candidates who earned the Master’s or Class A Certificate in Instructional Leadership before Sept. 8, 2005). UAB Faculty and LEA representatives jointly make admission decisions.
  • Earn an acceptable passing score on the Ed.S. Instructional Leadership Admissions Portfolio rubric (portfolio required only for those who earned Class A Certification before Sept. 8, 2005). Your Admissions Portfolio (placed in a 1” three-ring binder with tabs) is part of the admission process and must contain the following artifacts (only):
    • A letter of nomination (i.e., support letter) written by a supervisor/administrator in your current teaching / administrative setting
    • Two letters of recommendation written by others who can speak of your leadership potential or experience.                  `
    • A copy of your two most recent performance appraisals/ evaluations.
    • Two authentic artifacts/products that demonstrate your ability to positively impact student achievement and learning in your classroom  or school (e.g., pre-/post-test of student learning data)
    • Two authentic artifacts (i.e., products) that provide evidence of your potential as a school leader (e.g., examples of presentations at conferences and workshops; examples of school improvement initiatives that you have led).
    • A statement of your reasons for pursuing Class AA Certification (300 - 500 words).
    • Copies of your current Alabama teaching certificates

ALSDE Requirements for Class AA Certification in Instructional Leadership

  • Satisfactory completion of the State approved program with a minimum GPA of 3.25 or higher for all courses in the Alabama State Board of Education approved UAB Instructional Leadership Program Checklist as verified on your official transcript
  • Completion of mentor training (this is provided in EDL 719).
  • Satisfactory completion of the instructional leadership Problem Analysis Project.
  • Passing score on the Comprehensive Instructional Leadership Exit Portfolio Assessment / Comprehensive Examination
  • A survey of special education course (if you have not completed one previously)
  • Passage of the Praxis II if this is required at the time of your graduation.

Graduate School Application Process Checklist

Complete and submit online application

Submit application fee payment:

o Domestic: $45.00
o International: $60.00

Please ask the individuals from whom you request references to submit them online via the Apply Yourself system. Electronic submission is the preferred method. However, if your referees prefer to mail a recommendation letter, it should be mailed to the address of the department or program to which you are applying.

Request one (1) official transcript to be mailed by the issuing institution to the Educational Leadership program:

Educational Leadership Program
EB 100
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-1250

Request one (1) official transcript to be mailed by the issuing institution to the UAB Graduate School:

UAB Graduate School
HUC 511
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-1150
International transcripts must be submitted to World Education Services ( or Educational Credential Evaluators ( for an official course-by-course evaluation which should be mailed to the UAB Graduate School:

UAB Graduate School
HUC 511
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-1150

Submit official GRE or MAT test score:
o GRE Institution code: 1856
o MAT Institution code: 1017

Submission of Alabama State Department of Education Supplement EXP form completed by employer and verifying three years of acceptable teaching experience. If you have taught full-time in more than one school system, you will need to submit a Supplemental EXP from each school system. The form should be submitted to Office of Student Services in the School of Education as part of the Graduate School application. If you have any questions, please contact Sha’Niethia Johnson-Wright (205-934-7530). Please send of copy of the completed form(s) to the following address:

UAB School of Education
Attention: Sha’Niethia Johnson-Wright
EB 100 (Office of Student Services)
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294-1250

For further information, contact

Dr. Loucrecia Collins, Program Coordinator


Dr. Gary Peters, Associate Professor


Educational Doctorate

Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Application Deadline: July 1 for fall 2013 admission

Note: The Educational Leadership Doctoral program admits every other year in the fall.

Application and Entrance Requirements:
Potential applicants should be aware that admission to the UA/UAB doctoral program is a competitive process and that submitting an application does not guarantee admission. Minimum entrance requirements include the following:

  1. Educational Specialist Degree:  An earned Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in Educational Leadership is required for admission to the Doctorate of Education program.
  2. Minimum GPA:  A minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Miller’s Analogy Test: Potential applicants are required to report scores from the Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT) at or above the 50th percentile.  MAT scores should be less than 5 years old.
  4. Other Requirements:
    1. Reference Letters: The application must include three letters of professional and academic reference.
    2. Purpose, Rationale and Career Statement: A purpose statement which addresses the following: (1) the student’s rationale for applying for the Ed.D. degree program; (2) a statement regarding career/professional goals; and (3) a succinct statement of how the student’s rationale and career goals are consistent with the Purpose/Focus of the Ed.D. Degree Statement articulated above.
    3. Writing Sample: An academic or professional writing sample, written by the applicant within the last year, providing evidence of the student’s writing ability.
    4. Professional Experience: It should be noted that for the Ed.D. degree, experience in school leadership is also key factor considered in the admission process.

Application to Graduate School
Applicants must first submit an application through the Graduate School at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The deadline for submission for fall 2013 cohort is July 1, 2013.

Submission of Application Portfolio
Applicants must prepare an application portfolio submitted to program faculty to include:

  1. Evidence of earned Ed.S. degree in educational leadership (e.g., transcript, diploma)
  2. Evidence of GPA requirement (e.g., transcript)
  3. Evidence of MAT score at 50th percentile or above
  4. Three reference letters
  5. Purpose, Rationale, and Career Statement (as described above)
  6. Academic or professional writing sample
  7. List of leadership highlights (identify and describe pertinent leadership roles you have assumed during the last three years)

Program of Study
A joint doctoral program between the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama at Birmingham offers a unique blend of the strengths from both institutions. Doctoral students will be expected to attend some classes on the UA campus during the completion of core courses throughout the first year of studies (i.e., one class per term). Students will also attend classes on the UAB campus which may be structured as a blend of face-to-face and online delivery.

Basic Course Requirements:

  1. Core Classes – 18 hours (3 classes on UA campus)
  2. Foundation Classes – 12 hours
  3. Research Classes – 12 hours minimum
  4. Dissertation Hours – 12 hours minimum

UAB Program Faculty

Loucrecia Collins, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Program Coordinator

 Gary Peters, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

 D. Keith Gurley, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

Note: Applicants will be admitted to the Doctorate of Education program at UA/UAB every other year.

Estimated Minimum Educational Doctorate Program Costs
Based on 2012-2013 In-State Tuition Costs*

Tuition for Courses Taken in the UAB School of Education

Tuition for first Graduate Credit Hour:     $462
Tuition for each additional Graduate Credit Hour:        $267


Estimated Minimal Doctoral Degree Program Costs*




18 Hours Core Courses



     First Credit Hour per Semester (3)

3 x $462


     Additional Credit Hours (15)

15 x $267


12 Hours Foundations Courses



     First Credit Hour per Semester (3)

3 x $462


     Additional Credit Hours (9)

9 x $267


12 Hours Research Courses



     First Credit Hour per Semester (3)

3 x $462


     Additional Credit Hours (9 minimum)

9 x $267


12 Hours Dissertation



     First Credit Hour per Semester (3)

3 x $462


     Additional Credit Hours (9 minimum)

9 x $267





Total Estimated Tuition Fees
(2012-2013 Rate, subject to change*)



*Tuition costs and fees are subject to change by the university Board of Trustees at the beginning of any term. This estimate includes basic tuition rates only and does not include other, incidental fees and costs.

Fees Paid by Party Other Than Student or Student’s Family:  If tuition fees are to be paid by a party other than the student or student’s family (e.g., government agency, employer), students must visit the Cashier’s Office in the Office of Student Accounting, Room 322 in the Hill University Center, prior to the first day of class.