Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology 

  • ES and FL students complete an internship (KIN 499) during their Sr year.
  • Students are encouraged to start identifying internship goals and sites in their Jr year. It is recommended that students volunteer or do a job shadow prior to commiting to their internship site to get a closer look at an industry and/or profession, so as to avoid selecting at a site that they do not like.
  • Students must fulfill all pre req courses (e.g. KIN 485, 400 and 307) before doing their internship.
  • Information on how to set up your internship, and expectations during the internship is covered in KIN 485 - a mandatory pre req course for KIN 499.
  • Students are required to submit 'Pre Internship’ forms/paperwork during the semester prior to taking KIN 499. You must submit your completed ‘Application Form’ (provided in KIN 485) to Dr. Roy (cc your Agency Supervisor) for approval on or before the deadline for your anticipated KIN 499 semester enrollment. Tentative dates are as follows:
    • Summer Semester KIN 499 – March 20th
    • Spring Semester KIN 499 – November 10th
    • Fall Semester KIN 499 – July 20th     
  • For more information about internships, contact the Internship Director, Dr. Jane Roy

On-site Field Experiences