Advising in the Office of Student services is a collaborative process. Advisors help you understand degree, graduation, and certification requirements, aid in the selection and sequence of coursework, and assist in solving academic problems. Advisors are either Office of Student Services staff or School of Education faculty members.

Call the Office of Student Services at (205) 934-7530 to schedule an advising appointment to answer any questions concerning enrollment, certification, or completion of your degree.

Schedule an Advising Appointment:

Call to schedule an advising appointment.

(205) 934-7530

Advising Tips

  • Know your advisor’s name and phone number (go to BlazerNET if you have forgotten).
  • Contact your advisor or appropriate advising office if you have a question or problem.
  • Call for an appointment.
  • Come prepared.
  • If it’s time to register for classes, have an idea of the courses you’d like to take.
  • Check the Graduation Planning System (GPS) often and refer to the class schedule via BlazerNet.
  • If you have a question about transfer classes, bring in the course catalog from the school or schools from which you are transferring credit.
  • You can expect your advisor to know your declared major, be available for meetings or to answer questions, share an evaluation showing your progress toward your degree, and make suggestions about study skills and ways to raise your GPA.

  • Ask questions about your classes and degree requirements, policies and procedures, and your long-range goals or major.
  • Ask your advisor to clarify any prerequisites or curriculum requirements you don’t understand.
  • Be honest.
  • You can expect your advisor to know and explain policies, help you understand your course and major requirements, be realistic with you, keep your conversation confidential, and refer you to appropriate sources for any help you need.

  • Keep any information your advisor gives you.
  • Follow through with what your advisor tells you to do.
  • Be responsible for your decisions.
  • You can expect your advisor to keep notes of your plans and goals.
  • Check the Graduation Planning System (GPS) often.

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Graduation Planning System (GPS)

UAB's Graduation Planning System (GPS) allows you to view degree requirements, view coursework if you were to change to different majors, utilize several GPA calculators, and more.