*Non-Hired Student Teachers

  • Student teachers seeking certification in grades K-12 must student teach in both lower and upper grade levels.

  • The internship must be split equally between an elementary and secondary placement (a grade 6 placement will satisfy both of these requirements).

  • Non-hired student teachers will have two placements – one in a K-6 classroom and another in a 6-12 classroom.

  • *"NON-HIRED" refers to interns that will not be completing their internship as Alternative Master's full-time hired teachers within their field of certification.

Hired Student Teachers

  • K-12 student teachers must split their 15 week internship in half so that an equal, or as close to equal, amount of time is spent in a K-6 classroom and a 6-12 classroom (i.e., roughly 262 hours in each setting).  If a student teacher is hired in grade 6, this will satisfy both the elementary and secondary requirement for K-12 certification.

  • Hired student teachers seeking certification in grades K-12 are responsible for making arrangements with their principal to meet their internship certification requirement.

  • Arrangements must be made that specify how the intern will split his/her time at two locations/classrooms and the name of the cooperating teacher.

  • Hired student teachers must teach within their specific area of certification, all day, every day for the entire 15 week internship (i.e., from “bus duty to bus duty”).