UAB employees and non-employees are required to enroll for these work exposures:
  • Have direct contact with animals, their viable tissues, body fluids, wastes or living quarters. This includes, but is not limited to, Animal Care Staff, Investigators, laboratory staff, and some Maintenance and Environmental Services personnel.
  • Work in the laboratory or have direct contact with material of human origin.
  • Have direct contact with material capable of causing disease or injury in humans.
  • Have direct contact with raw sewage through plumbing activities.
  • Are exposed to excessive levels of noise (>85 db).
flag redNote: Individuals not employed by UAB, but who will be conducting work with any of the above at UAB, must enroll.

Examples of non-employees that must enroll for the EH&S Occupational Medicine program include:
  • Non-paid students
  • Volunteers
  • Individuals from private companies conducting work at UAB
  • Visiting Scientists