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Campus EmployeesPre-Hire and Post-Hire • Campus-Only

For campus employees and employees that will be in a lab or research area, the “Enrollment Form” is the initial evaluation that establishes the employee’s baseline health status.

Every two years, the “Enrollment Form” is due to assess work exposures. If within those two years your job or work exposures change, an “Enrollment Form” is again required. Some employees may require a clinical examination and vaccinations.

UAB Employee Health is designed to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control potential health, safety and environmental factors that may affect the health, comfort or productivity of the UAB campus community.

UAB Employee Health accomplishes these goals through risk assessment, risk management, risk education and preventive medicine. A critical component of UAB Employee Health is medical surveillance that involves the evaluation of health risks associated with an employee’s exposure to animals and hazardous agents.

As a campus employee, the following employees and non-employees are required to enroll for these work exposures:

  • Have direct contact with animals, their viable tissues, body fluids, wastes or living quarters. This includes, but is not limited to, Animal Care Staff, Investigators, laboratory staff and some Maintenance and Building Services/Environmental Services personnel.
  • Work in the laboratory or have direct contact with material of human origin.
  • Have direct contact with material capable of causing disease or injury in humans.
  • Have direct contact with raw sewage through plumbing activities.
  • Are exposed to excessive levels of noise (>85 db).


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A variety of services are provided by UAB Employee Health. Those offered to you are dependent upon the potential risks posed by the work you conduct at UAB. All mandatory items must be completed in order to maintain compliance.

Once your Enrollment Form is received by UAB Employee Health, we will review the work description and medical history to determine if services should be offered to you for your protection. If UAB Employee Health determines that an immunization or screening is warranted, you will be contacted and asked to schedule an appointment.