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Female engineering student working in a lab. “But will I be able to get a job when I graduate?” That is a question asked by college students across the country. In the case of civil engineering, the answer is an emphatic yes. Civil Engineering is the largest field of engineering in America, and the available career paths are numerous. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, demand for civil engineers will continue to be strong over the next 10 years, growing at a significantly faster rate than other professions. A BSCE degree from UAB provides a broad education in civil engineering fundamentals that allows our graduates to pursue a wide range of careers.

Our recent graduates are employed in the areas of:

  • structural design (buildings, steel structures, and bridges)
  • transportation and highway design
  • environmental engineering and pollution treatment
  • water and wastewater treatment
  • geotechnical engineering
  • construction management
  • power generation

The broad nature of our curriculum allows students explore all the major areas of civil engineering before choosing an area of focus in their senior year. In addition, approximately 85% of our students participate in a professional internship or co-op prior to graduation. The result is that most of our students have already been offered a full-time position before they graduate. In fall 2017, for example, 82% of our graduating seniors had accepted a full-time position (or a place in graduate school) before classes had even ended.