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Seniors in the UAB Department of Biomedical Engineering gathered on April 22 for the first time in person since 2019 to present their senior design projects in the Education-Engineering Complex.

The projects are created as part of BME’s capstone senior design course, instructed by Alan Eberhardt, Ph.D., Professor, Associate Chair of Education. Students are required to present a solution to a clinical problem provided by a client and develop a functional prototype and plan for product commercialization. They must follow guidelines such as adhering to a $400 design budget. Students formally presented video pitches, design posters, and device demonstrations.

The following list of design projects are listed in order of client, team, and project.

VanderNoot: Olivia Shivers, Hrithik Praveen, Alfredo Guzman, Naqi Raza, Tanvi Bhadhamkar
HBO Therapy – IV tube protection

Lee/Sethu: Dori McClure, Will Gard, Shubh Malhotra, Jeetesh Kunche, Jacob Cruetzmann
Cardiaction – cardiac environmental simulation

BME PresentationsPatchaMcCormack: Cambria O'Grady, Sean Parish, Thomas McCutcheon, Stephanie Mover, Nicole Bentley
Pedia-Arm – shoulder assist device

Papp (pen): Jamie Krasnigor, Atharva Vyawahare, Alfred Opetina, Jonathan Gordon, Jared Stinson
Stabilipen – vibrating pen to control micrographia in persons with Parkinson’s

Papp (door knob/opener): McKensie Johnson, Erica Schilling, Sarah Madison, Brandon Ivey, Jake Storey
Automatic door opener

Phillips (1): Jasmine El Mubaid, Emma Laurence, Alyssa Smith, Madeleine Cook, David Foster
Dragon Breather - Inhalation device for children with hypotonia

Phillips (2): Seth Lee, Chase Baugh, Addison Hunt, Tommy Bishop, Andrew Bowen, Alfonza Holt
The BIRD – inhalation device trainer for clinical evaluation

Kennedy: Thorn Johns, Olivia Lerille, Maaike Priest
Magnetic Ostomy bag

BME PresentationsPatchaAmburgy: Ben Estep, Susan Floyd, Raheema Damani, Manas Gangasani
Disinfection of hospital drains via blue light and vibration

Patcha: Angela Totoro, Kyla Gabriel, Andy Tang, Alan Jeskey, Luke Arntz 
Virtual reality for breast reconstruction