Biomedical Engineering at the 2019 BMES conference

The annual meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) took place October 16-19 in Philadelphia. As in the past, UAB BME’s presence was notable, with oral presentations by faculty and posters from faculty and trainees. In addition, UAB BME hosted a booth in the exhibition hall.

This year’s presentations by BME faculty and trainees were as follows.


“Mimicking the Myocardium: A Thick, Layered, Stem Cell-Derived Patch for Cardiac Tissue Regeneration”

  • Track: Tissue Engineering, Track 2: Stem Cell Engineering
  • Time: 4:45-5pm, Thursday, October 17, part of “Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering”
  • Featuring: Danielle Pretorius, Ph.D. Student; Chengming Fan, Consultant; Meng Zhao, Visiting Scientist: Wesley LaBarge, BME Ph.D. trainee & AHA Predoctoral Fellow; Yawen Tang, BME Ph.D. student—all in the lab of Jianyi Zhang, M.D., Ph.D., Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering; Alan Eberhardt, Ph.D., Professor & Associate Chair of Education, Department of Biomedical Engineering

“Efforts to Create Type 1 Growth Plate Injury Models”

  • Track: Biomechanics
  • Time: 2:15-2:30pm, Friday, October 18, part of “Injury Biomechanics”
  • Speaker: Alan Eberhardt, Ph.D., Professor & Associate Chair of Education, Department of Biomedical Engineering


  • Thursday, October 17:
    • Frontotemporal Dementia-Associated Variants Destabilize the Apical Ligand-Binding Region of the TREM2 Immunoglobulin Domain
    • Microfluidic Proximal Tubular Platform to Evaluate Nephrotoxic Effects of Drugs
    • Application of Nitric Oxide-releasing Bioanomatrix Gel for Dialysis Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation
    • Development of an Efficient Biomime_c Human Heart Slice Culture System
    • Tissue Engineered Atherosclerosis Model in a Physiological Bioreactor
    • “rohealing Multifunctional Nanomatrix Coated Stent Evaluation in the Rabbit Iliac Artery Balloon Injury Mode
    • Evaluation of the Acute Response of Human Aortic Endothelial Cells (HAECs) to Loss of Pulsatility During Cardiopulmonary Bypass
    • The Role of Mechanical Forces in Ovarian Cancer
  • Friday, October 18:
    • Developing Microfluidics for Advanced In Situ Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy
    • A Physiologic Cancer-Endothelial Cell Co-culture Model for High Throughput Drug Testing
    • 3D Perfusion Bioreactor for Studying Ovarian Cancer
    • Optical Mapping of Gastric Slow Wave Propagation in Anesthetized Rats
    • Nitric Oxide Releasing Bionanomatrix Coating For the Enhancement Of Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Devices

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  • BMES 2019 2
  • BMES 2019 3

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