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Charles Tetteh headshot

The Leah McCraney Memorial Endowed Scholarship was created in memory and in honor of the late Leah Gaye McCraney who was the inaugural Program Manager for the Master of Engineering with a concentration in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management. Criteria for the scholarship include current enrollment in the Master of Engineering - ASEM program, completion of at least 6 credit hours in ASEM, at least a 3.0 GPA, and being a self-supported student. Mr. Charles Tetteh is the 2022-2023 recipient of this scholarship.

Mr. Tetteh is in his third semester with the Master of Engineering in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management at UAB. “As a first-generation immigrant from Ghana, West Africa, this has been my north star since I decided to move to the USA (Rock Springs, Wyoming) at age 24 years, two days after graduating from the University of Ghana with four hundred dollars in my pocket to create my version of the “American Dream”. Nothing came easy for me; from working multiple jobs to make ends meet and adjusting to a new way of life with no guidance or family, I had and still put my best foot forward through discipline, resilience, hard work, and education to create the life I envisioned. I approach every situation as an opportunity that requires the absolute best version of myself.”

Charles is a Health and Safety Professional with Tata Chemicals North America and has over 12 years of experience in the occupational health and safety profession. His career aspiration is “to lead and be part of a team that changes the conversation around how organizations approach safety as a concept and way of life. Through the application of what I have learned so far in the program, I have started to see changes within my organization, specifically between the safety department and the engineering department collaborating to look for ways to engineer risk out of our process. I credit the ASEM program for this relationship because it pushed me to reach out to the engineering team for help with assignments. I am excited about the knowledge I have gained so far and what the future holds as I work hard to pursue this degree. As Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” Receiving this scholarship will make a difference in my life and would help me tremendously to complete this program and be part of the change I have always envisioned professionally.”

The ASEM faculty and staff congratulation Mr. Tetteh on this well-deserved recognition and award.