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Dr. Xiaoguang (Margaret) Liu, an Associate Professor in Department of Biomedical Engineering, recently received notice of award for four grants on which she is a collaborator, to conduct cancer research.

They include:

  • NIH MPI R01 to develop novel targeted therapy for triple negative breast cancer treatment by collaborating with Dr. Runa Liu in the Department of Genetics.
  • NIH MPI R01 grant to characterize a new biological factor for breast cancer racial disparities by collaborating with Dr. Lizhong Wang/Dr. Runa Liu in the Department of Genetics.
  • NIH MPI R21 to develop targeted therapy to treat neuroendocrine tumor by collaborating with Dr. Renata Jaskula-Sztul in the Department of Surgery.
  • Small Business Innovation Research subcontract to develop a novel biomanufacturing platform of targeting delivery vehicle of adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapy for cancer treatment by collaborating with Technology Commercialization Partners.

Benefiting from Margaret’s seven-year biopharmaceutical industrial experiences, solid support from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and the robust research environment at UAB, the Liu Lab has developed several targeted therapies (monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and gene therapies) and targeting delivery vehicle to treat cancers. Her lab aims to develop multiple novel anti-cancer therapies and move forward to clinical trial, which could benefit cancer patients in future.