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by Hannah Buckelew
Mary Kathryn (M.K.) Sewell-Loftin, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and members of her research laboratory attended the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Biotransport (SB3C) Conference June 4-9, 2023 at the Grand Hyatt Resort in Vail, Colorado.

This year’s conference theme was, “Building Interfaces across Tissue, Disciplines, and Communities,” featuring a range of lectures, symposia and workshops including topics such as biotransport, device design, rehabilitation, bioengineering education, fluid mechanics, tissue engineering and solid mechanics.

On Monday, June 5, Bronte Miller, graduate student, presented, “Determining How VEGFR-2 Inhibition Affects Phosphorylation and Function in the Presence of Mechanical Strain,” in the Cardiovascular Mechanobiology Podium Presentation session. Peyton Clark, undergraduate student, presented the poster, “Directional Migration of Ovarian Cancer Cells in a 3D Microtissue Model.”

On Tuesday, June 6, Michael Heim, undergraduate student, presented the poster, “Investigating the Effect of Tensile Strain on the Mechanical Memory of Endothelial Cells.” On Wednesday, June 7, Maranda Tidwell, graduate student, presented, “CD44 Mechanosignaling May Regulate Drug Resistance in Ovarian Cancer,” at the Biotransport in Drug Delivery Podium Presentation. On Thursday, June 8, Vaishali Bala, graduate student, presented, “Mechanoregulation of Cadherin Expression in a 3D Co-Culture,” at the Biotransport in Directed Cell Migration Podium Presentation.

“SB3C gave me the unique opportunity to present my research to supportive members of the scientific community,” says Peyton Clark. “I was able to receive feedback and ideas from other scientists and it gave me the chance to improve my presentation skills. I really enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, and was able to learn about various opportunities available to me as a biomedical engineer.”