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Mariam Massoud

Mariam Massoud is a civil engineering major and a student in the UAB Honors College. She was awarded a Fulbright US-UK Summer Institute Scholarship in 2018, and earlier this year she represented the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering as the Student of the Year nominee at the Engineering Council of Birmingham (ECOB) Annual Banquet. She currently works as an intern in the City of Birmingham Department of Transportation.

When our new Dean of Engineering, Jeff Holmes, M.D., Ph.D., first arrived on campus, we asked him Five Questions about UAB, Birmingham, and himself. Recently, Holmes started posing his own "Five Questions" to our UAB Engineering students. In the clips below, senior Mariam Massoud answers questions about her experience as a UAB student. Then she turns the interview around with a few questions of her own for the new dean.

Listen in on their conversation in the clips below.

Bonus Footage