Facilities IT:


Facilities Information Technology maximizes the use and effectiveness of technology and provides innovative resources that meet the Facilities Division technology needs. We ensure these resources are cost effective, efficient and secure.




Technology Replacement Cost

Use the Technology Request Portal to request the following:

  • Data Connections – new installation, relocation, VLAN changes, etc.
  • Hardware/Software – ordering of new hardware (including tablets and cellphones,) software,etc.
  • IP Address – request IP addresses for newly installed hardware.
  • Telephone – new installation, relocation, issues, etc.

Devices Standard Ledger 2
Budget Permanently Reduced
Standard Ledger 3
One Time Payment From Account
Non-Standard Ledger 2 & 3
Request Quote
Replacement Frequency
Windows Workstation (with one monitor) $280.00 $900.00 Request Quote 4 years
Apple Workstation $840.00 $2400.00 Request Quote 5 years
Laptop $765.00 $1700.00 Request Quote 4 years
Microsoft Surface $900.00 $1700.00 Request Quote 3 years

* Please note: the current price for an iPad Wi-Fi 32GB with a 3-year warranty and a case is $428.00 and will be paid for by your department, if ordered.