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In 2013 the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) instructed all federal agencies with more than $100M in R&D expenditures to develop policies for making the published results and associated data from federally funded research available to the public. Agencies have been announcing their plans throughout 2015. As these plans are implemented, UAB investigators will be required to submit data management plans (DMPs) with grant proposals and insure that copies of publications and the associated data are deposited as required by the granting agency. This guide is intended to provide UAB investigators with information to help them navigate the various guidelines and requirements involved.

  • I'm starting to work on a grant application to a federal agency. What kind of data management plan do I need to include?
  • Where can I find examples of data management plans?
  • What are some of my options for depositing my data?
  • What UAB resources are available to help me with managing my data?

And, for a bit of serious fun, take a look at this 4½ minute video highlighting why proper data management is so important:
Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts