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Faculty Senate meetingThe Faculty Senate represents UAB’s faculty in matters of shared governance. The Senate is made up of faculty representatives from all of UAB’s academic units, as well as four officers elected at large by the faculty. Through our participation in various councils and committees, we convey the faculty’s views and concerns in matters that affect our University. Please take some time to learn more about the Faculty Senate by reading its Constitution, Bylaws, and Appendices, as well as learning about the work of the Senate by reviewing its minutes.

Mission of the UAB Faculty Senate

  • A community of scholars who have come together to consider their responsibilities and needs; to represent them to the University administration; and to provide advice to the President and Provost
  • Committed to the principles of shared governance and to inclusive and transparent decision making
  • Facilitating open communication among all members of UAB
  • Work collaboratively with administration to help UAB achieve excellence in all its activities


Please consider participating in the Faculty Senate by becoming a candidate to represent your academic unit or running for one of the officer positions (Senate Nomination and Voting pages). Those of us who serve in the Senate find it a rewarding and enlightening experience, as well as an opportunity to learn more about UAB. Please remember that shared governance does not work unless we participate in it.

Tell Us Your Concerns

If you have questions or matters that you think the Senate should look into, we would like to hear about them. Please take a moment and contact us.