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Heflin Center Genomics Core Facility Pricing Schedule

Sanger Sequencing Costs

Sanger sequencing consists of one template plus one primer and is run on our ABI 3730xl or 3730 instruments.  Pricing is as follows.


UAB Price

Non-UAB Price

Individual reaction



Complete 96-well Plate







Fragment Analysis/Microsatellite Analysis

Analysis of repeats within a gene can be accomplished with fluorescently tagged PCR primers and separation with capillary electrophoresis.  Price includes the LIZ standard and running the instrument.

Fragment Analysis                $3.50/sample


Human Cell Line Identification

The proper identification of human cell lines is important for determining if the cells you have are the cells you think you have.  The Core uses 15 separate microsatellite markers to differentiate human cell lines.

HCID                                       $75/cell line


Next-Generation Sequencing Costs

When pricing a Next-Gen Sequencing project (aka Deep Sequencing) there are several factors that should be taken into account.  First, what is the nature of the experiment (RNA expression, microbiome, ChIP-Seq, etc.). Next, what do I want out of the data (e.g. differential gene expression or alternative splicing) and what read length and depth are sufficient to answer my question. Finally, can I do the analysis myself or do I need bioinformatics and at what level (just gene lists or IPA).  All of these questions will affect the overall cost of your experiment.  The core runs the NextSeq500 and two MiSeq sequencers.  Cost per samples varies depending on the assay, platform and sequencing length, as mentioned above.

Many different samples can be multiplexed and run together as long as they have the same read length.  We can run either single read or paired end reads ranging from 75bp to 150bp; however, one flow cell can only run one type of chemistry at a time.  For example, samples that require paired end 75bp runs will be run together.  It is possible to extract shorter read length data from longer read data but you’ll pay the longer read price.


Sequencing Costs ONLY

Single End 75bp sequencing

$4.50/million reads

Paired End 75bp sequencing

$7.80/million reads

Paired End 150bp sequencing

$11.50/million reads


MiSeq Reagents

MS50 v2*


MS150 v3


MS300 v2


MS500 v2


MS600 v3


*v2 kits provide up to 15M reads, v3 kits provide up to 25M reads/run

Sample Prep (Does not include sequencing costs)

Small genomic DNA Library Prep


ChIP-Seq Library Prep


Stranded RNA Library Prep


microRNA Library Prep


Ribosome Reduction

$100/sample (added cost to library prep)

Exome (Clinical Research Exome)


Methyl Capture (human or mouse)


Targeted Panels


A typical mRNA-Seq experiment will cost $650/sample
A typical microRNA-Seq experiment will cost $400/sample
A typical ChIP-Seq experiment will cost $550/sample
A typical Whole Exome sequencing will cost $900/sample


Bioinformatics Analysis

The Core can provide expert analysis on any Next-Gen project, regardless of where the data were generated.  Our cost is $100/hr.  A typical two sample comparison (e.g. WT v. Treated) should take 1-2hrs.

In addition, we also have Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) for the analysis of gene pathways or networks.  IPA takes longer to setup and run, approximately 5hrs for one comparison, which can result in a substantial bill.  Please consult with David prior to running your IPA analysis.

Consultative services are free so talk to us about your project and its goals prior to running analysis.  This can save a lot of time and your money.

The prices for assays provided by the core take into account the cost of reagents necessary to run the assay (which includes tips, tubes, plates, films, shipping, etc.), salary support for personnel and maintenance contract costs.  Maintenance contract costs for the 4 sequencers the core runs (Illumina HiSeq2500, 2 Illumina MiSeqs, an ABI 3730 and an ABI 3730xl), the 2 liquid handling robots and the iScan total $185,200.  The contract costs for each instrument are distributed amongst the samples processed per year on that instrument.   For example, the contract cost for the two ABI sequencers is approximately $27,000 and we process approximately 46,500 sequencing reactions per year so the cost of the contract per sample is only 58¢. 

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