Code Blaze is designed to minimize stress for UAB and UAB Medicine employees.

Through the Code Blaze program, the Employee Assistance & Counseling Center provides community and online resources that may help employees address the issues they are facing in their search for successful work/life integration. It also provides extensive stress management resources for solving stressful situations, relaxation and techniques for managing difficult emotions frequently experienced by direct care providers.

Use the buttons for quick access to an extensive catalog of online resources, or explore additional Code Blaze services below.




    SMILE (Stress Management Initiative for Lifestyle Enhancement) is a resilience-training program that teaches employees integrated mindfulness skills for quickly bouncing back from stress. Skills, including meditation, deep breathing, strategies for healthy habits, building resilience, improving work-life balance, goal setting, and identification and management of stress triggers, are offered free online through LinkedIn Learning.

    Access to LinkedIn Learning is free for benefit-eligible UAB employees. For eligibility information or to sign up for LinkedIn Learning for UAB, visit

    Click here to visit the SMILE Learning Path on LinkedIn Learning.

    Click here to download/print the SMILE Wellness Plan.

  • Quiet Rooms

    Code Blaze Quiet Rooms

    A relaxation haven for UAB employees
    Code Blaze Quiet Rooms are spaces around campus where UAB employees can go when job-related stress becomes overwhelming. The designated quiet areas are stocked with adult coloring books, iPads with access to meditation apps, and other stress management resources designed to help you decompress and recharge.

    • EACC Quiet Room
      Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at the EACC office in Five Points
      2112 11th Avenue South, Suite 330
      Click for directions
    • RNICU Quiet Room
      Open to RNICU employees
      UAB Women & Infants Center, Third Floor
  • Toolkits

    Caregivers Toolkit
    Explore a collection of online resources for caregivers including a variety of online courses and training opportunities, checklists, peer support and education on topics from respite care and bereavement to financial issues.

    Parenting Toolkit
    Explore a collection of online resources and articles for parents on topics including childhood grief, helping children handle stress, creating positive life experiences, supporting a child with ADHD and more.

    Parenting Teens Toolkit
    Explore a collection of online resources for parents of teens including development milestones, expert advice, a guide for Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma, as well as a list of local support groups and workshops.