The foundation of UAB's performance expectations is the UAB Success Model. The UAB Success Model is a tool to help individuals and teams understand how their role, job performance, and expectations align with UAB culture, so there is a focus on the right priorities to co‐create a positive, engaging, and aspiring workplace.

  • Understand UAB

    This is an opportunity to refamiliarize yourself with UAB's Shared Values.

    Employees are asked to check a box verifying that "I am familiar with UAB mission, vision, and shared values and demonstrate these values in my work and all interactions."

  • Achieve Results

    This evaluation section assesses how well you consistently fulfill job duties and performance expectations. The areas evaluated in this section are:

    • Job Knowledge & Skills: Consistently fulfills performance expectations by meeting productivity, efficiency, and quality standards. Develops and enhances relevant skills. Stays aware of current developments in discipline or specialty area.
    • Service Quality: Effectively meet and manage stakeholder's and colleagues' expectations. Keeps commitments, meet deadlines, and ensures satisfaction with results.
    • Problem Solving/Innovation: Takes ownership of problems and proposes solutions. Proactively seeks ways to improve processes and increase efficiencies. Open to new ideas and encourages others to offer suggestions.
  • Build Relationships

    This evaluation section assesses people skills and your ability to work effectively with others and contribute to an appreciative culture of productivity and collaboration. The areas evaluated in this section are:

    • Communication: Conveys key messages, written and verbal, with consistency and clarity. Uses the appropriate medium to convey information effectively. Intentionally builds trust by demonstrating respect for others.
    • Listening: Actively listens for understanding through asking effective questions. Acknowledges others' ideas, concerns and feelings.
    • Teamwork: Supports team goals and works effectively with others to accomplish team objectives. Acknowledges and leverages the strengths of others. Works toward sharing knowledge and information for the benefit of the team. Open to different perspectives and ideas.

UAB SuccessModel