On-the-Job Injury & Illness Program

The On-The-Job Injury & Illness Program (OJI) is responsible for coordination of benefits payable, including medical expenses and lost wages, to any employee who may have an injury and/or illness sustained in the course of, and arising out of, employment at UAB. If you have an injury requiring medical treatment that would cause a bill to be generated, you must complete an incident using the Trend Tracker Incident Report before any bills will be paid, as well as an OJI Benefits Application Form and a Release of Information Form, both available on the OJI Forms tab below.

Transporting Injured Employees

Injured employees should use Blazer Express for transportation to and from The Workplace for their initial visit. The Workplace is located at UAB Highlands, Suite 100; phone number is 205-933-5300.

Needle Sticks and/or Other Blood or Body Fluid Exposures

  • UAB Employees & Students — for needle sticks and/or other blood or body fluid exposures, call the Needlestick Team at 205-934-3675.
  • All UAB employees who experience an on-the-job injury, other than blood or body fluid exposure, should be evaluated at the Workplace, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m. If an incident occurs on the weekend or outside The Workplace’s hours of operation, employees should go to UAB Urgent Care, UAB Highland’s ED or University Hospital ED.

UAB Medicine Employees:

UAB Medicine Employees:
Must be on the UAB network to access TrendTracker form.

  • OJI Forms

    • Initial Medical Evaluation Authorization
      The supervisor should complete this form and send it with the employee to The Workplace for medical treatment. (If injury occurs after hours or in event of life-threatening injury, send the employee to the University Hospital Emergency Department.)
    • OJI Benefits Application
      An employee applying for OJI Benefits must fill this form out completely in order to be considered.
    • Release of Information
      This form should be filled out by the employee. Any incomplete or altered forms will result in a delay of the claim process.
    • OJI Time Sheets
      The supervisor should complete this form on the eligible biweekly employee and forward in a timely manner to avoid delay in payment of lost time wages.
  • OJI Instructions

  • Contact OJI

    For questions about the On-The-Job Injury/Illness Program, contact the OJI Administrator in the Employee Relations Department:




    Return OJI forms via fax or mail to:
    OJI Program, AB 215
    1720 2nd Ave. S
    Birmingham, AL 35294

    Other Contacts

    • Brentwood Services Administrators: 205-933-0373 or 1-800-524-0604
    • The Workplace at UAB Highlands: 205-933-5300